Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jers last MTC letter

I heard about the game, it was much sadnesssss.. But at least it was a good game to watch right. I had a mental break because of the lack of music hahahaha I woke up w/ a song by blind willy johnson in my head and it totally killed my day, but as of tomorrow i'm gonna rock out to some classical!! It was great to see ya'll and I miss little Lia and Chincy, take good care of them. I can't believe that you went to lagoon, we leave then you start going to concerts and Lagoon, I see how it is. jk lol jk lol Kate I'm glad you got asked out but make sure kev roughs him up for Zack and I. yeah i've worked 13hr shifts before they are no bueno... but moneys good :D keep up the good work I know you gots this. I love all of you, I can't write for long i've gotta go and get ready. gotta finish the gospels and 3 Nephi before I leave. I love you all talk to you tomorrow!!

In addition...Zack sent a snail mail letter indicating he had the opportunity to be a force for good in the lives of two that was questioning going home (but ultimately stayed thru the whole MTC experience) and one that had to go home for medical reasons.

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