Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jeremys latest!

Also I'm sending you letters! tell kevin to try and talk to nate and to give him my blogspot thingy so he knows. That would be awesome! Just so you know I'm really loving it here and I love the people that are here. Its definitely sucking out some of my humor, but it's probably a good thing haha I love being here and I can already tell it's going to be incredable, just so you know when I get over there on Tuesday i'll need some moulhaa to get some boots and for a pull up bar and such if you could. Still suckin you dry and I'm gonna be 3 states away hahaha I love you and I hope everything is going well at home and I'm so glad to hear about the official proposal! hope it goes well i'll be in touch.

Love, Elder Larsen
On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 1:41 PM, Jeremy Larsen
Also tell the grandparents I love them and thanks for the letters i'll get back to them asap (as soon as i can transcribe the cursive they write..) also i know that kate wouldn't ever get a tat, duh i'm on a mission now and that makes me smrt and stuffff

I leave and they have  you going to rodeos..... unfreakinbelivable, you don't even like horses or cow poop. Still I'm glad to hear ya'll are having fun!! I need a copy sent if you could soon before next week if not send it to my mission. Well things are winding down here. I've gotten used to it and the elders and anziane are awesome. Our district are a great bunch of guys. I'd send you some more pictures but I forgot my camera and its over 10 seconds aways so I'm not gonna grab it, its my P-Day I just want to eat and sleep. Well this week I have had a lot of crazy realizations, its been quite a bit of fun. Also I've actually started to read The Gospels in the New Testament and when it comes to thinking about the stuff Jesus does the first thing that came to my mind was a song by Deans favorite band, Breaking the LAW BREAKING THE LAW. He's so hardcore its just crazy, some people may think that I'm slightly sacrilegious but hey he really is just that awesome. I've been having a lot of fun and have been learning a ton. My teachers have been awesome as well Sis. Nelson and Bro. Dickey, they've really helped me learn to love people, even with how argumentative I am. I love to start political debates also just for the sake of having heated debate with someone, it's hard when you don't have a brother to fight with. Well I love you and I am glad that you are doing well I'll try and write Mike and Dave when I can. Its hard finding time to write haha.
Take care of Chinchy (Samuel) and tell everyone I love them

Kate I completely agree, some of my companions have been able to wingman with me but whenever we get going some other of the elders come and cut us off (you're not supposed to flirt in here hahahahahaha) I'm glad Sammy is doin well, and I miss that puppy.... Sorry I can't write much to ya I only have 30 minutes. I'm glad you're stayin busy just find time to relax also don't stress yourself out to much but keep working it'll be worth it and it builds character haha I love ya

Jason the sisters are cute, and they are the last temptation of Elders i'm pretty sure, but hey they keep things interesting haha I don't want to know what this place would be like without them.. Gordon did the same thing to me, he's a funny guy thinking that giving us something that we can take off will stay on.. Well I'm glad you're busy with school and I hope that your foot heals up quickly. Love ya and good luck

Kevin why would you write such a long letter you know I only have 30 minutes to write and that I can't answer everything that I want to. I'm happy for padre though but remember treat my room as if I was coming back tomorrow!!!! and don't change the house to much.. I don't like chaaannngggeeeee........... The MTC is the though, my humor is wasted here a lot of the time though and I come off as sacreligious a lot of the time, but hey o well adds some spice to the day. Our district is awesome and so are my bunkies and companion. Yeah I role play a bunch here it's kind of annoying sometimes but I'm learning, I'm going to learn Italian now btw. ALI is going to write me so i'm preparing for the future, ali's sister is in ITALIA so good luck with that hahaha but don't worry i've been following the wise advice "so keep yours closed" its tough though there are so many pretty sistasssss tis the hard life haha. I have been keeping a journal though just mainly about people and stuff though. But hey I love you and tell everyone I love them. p.s. all the food here is bad for your stomach!

Darlene i'm so happy to hear the great news!!!! :) I want to thank you for being there for my padre and I hope that all is going well. Tell ashley happy BDAY! I miss ya'll and i'm going to be sad about missing the wedding keep me updated!! I can't believe you got my dad to go to a rodeo.. he's really tryin hard hahahaha funny popaa. well I've gotta run but hope all is well and tell Ashley and Jake wazzupppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it's from scary movie)  thanks for the cupcakes also!!

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