Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zack leaving to sacramento 9/18!

 well dad the meds are great because there is a sickness spreading like wildfire here so i want to be prepared! and i have not checked if its the right sim card yet sorry ill do that and send you a letter, hope you been getting my letters. we went to the temple today it was pretty cool! i also do a temple walk around 2:30 P.M. if someone wants to "bump" into me although i cant talk long. I cant get away with very much im rooming with the zone leaders and the district leader!! I love my roomates though they are great. we were teaching a druggie guy and we wanted to ask him to get high on THG (the holy ghost) instead of THC i thought it was funny! we have 3 investigators now and the one that had me down that we had a really hard time with we are doing a lot better now we really connected with her and i think we are going to ask her to be baptized next lesson and we have 2 other baptismal commitments so thats really good! sometimes i dont think i feel the spirit here but then i pray and pray and pray like 30 times a day and even though it dont always feel like the spirit it does to the investigator and if it helps them i know what it was because i aint the best teacher as you know. by the way fast sundays BLOW i never fasted for 24 hours before i almost died haha! I dunno whats up with jeremy we did not get a P day the first week so that may be why i just kinda snuck onto the E-mail thing for my last one so you should hear from him soon i know he is getting the packages! thanks for all the stuff you sent its great help!! and sorry i ask for  so much it will die down when im situated!  but things are great here just excited to leave its to cramped here for me! and apples keep randomly showing up in my dorm dunno why. im less tired though so thats good dunno why but i am just less tired also IMPORTANT INFO im shipping out  on the 18th I CAN CALL HOME!!!! probably around the time BETWEEN 8:30 and 11:00 in the MORNING so be ready! Also couldi get david beoduains mailing address for snail mail please!!!!??? :)

Megan- i dunno why my letters are taking so long to get to you just know i have to send them by snail mail so dont stop writting me just know that it will be slower! and its exciting your teaching all those people thats pretty crazy good luck herding cats!! i sent a couple letters so look for them!:):) we have made a lot of progress with our newest investigator you will read in the mail letter i sent that its good for me it really had me down first lesson she rejected everything but now we are doing well!! Also with letter the key is really long letters send long ones! and everybody should DEAR ELDER ME! it would be very nice! maybe i can help with pointers on how to teach i have been learning a lot of good info on teaching but it may only work on adults i dunno but its tough to handle this many investigators  but we will succeed. its hard with my companion he is super super homophobic no touching him or anything sucks for me since i got no personal space bubble! However good thing im friends with my Hawaiian roommate he is super chill and way way funny no personal space for him haha. be at my house on the 18th around the time above ok? im calling home!!just know the word is true and the spirit is strong i love it here!! cant wait for sacramento! whats going on with the gang i only got a letter from parker and you so far! anyway send me letters and stuff!! also relay this info to mike stewart i dont have international stamps so i cant write him. Tell me about him!

Parker- yea i aint got any letters till this one parker so i dunno maybe my district leader is hiding them from me since i make old man jokes and bengay jokes because he is 26 years old its fun though he joins in he is a great guy! anyway things are great here and the puns are a huge hit here like everyone cracks up for so long! you might like the THG joke we made in the part to my family im sure you read. i miss ya though its weird without you guys but i stay real bust here I LOVE P DAYS SO FREAKING MUCH!!!! not a lot to do its great! i have had a couple secret club meetings and my companions just look at me weird haha! and its to bad ya missed me but you now know when im callin home!!  anyway how are you how is school tell me all the dirty secrets and stuff send me more letters please!!!!!!! i love dear elder!

IN GENERAL- my posted time of leaving is on the family part of the EMAIL. My E-mail will change when i leave to the one on the paper i handed out and my mailing address! you can also still dear elder me when im in cali just so you know. So i love it here i also wanna get out and the food is usually good but if its not good it sucks real bad haha no in between. also i would like some mailing stamps because they cost lots and i only get 6 dollars a week and i need liek3 of the to go to laundry. Well i got to go have a great one fellas!!

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