Monday, September 24, 2012

Zacks 1st email from the field

DAD- yea i heard teh BYU game was sad but oh well i aint doin sports haha. yea my companion messed his ankle up and i cut up my leg kick ball can be rough with the sign people haha. well as you visited i got called an apostate but whatever they are just jealous haha. well mirical time!! i have been super home sick honestly and i thought about going home and the more i thought about that the more it thought about me not being worthy to be here and what not so i was teaching a member family that had us over for dinner and it hit me that i just need to make sure for certain everything is cleaned up and president is great so ill talk to him so he can make me feel better haha but as i was teaching i just had a great feeling that what im doing here is good and i love it here the members are super strong and feeding us almost every night! the people that want to hear the gospel are great! but tracting is just so hard for me and being rejected time after time really blows but when i find that one person my whole day is so much better! we were inspiration tracting we call it and thats where we find a house we are inspired to check so we were knocking person says get lost knock on another no answer knock on another no answer walk up to a biker SUCH A GREAT GUY! we talked he took a book of mormon and said he would call us we are going to visit him he says he wants to hear more from us really funny really nice! We mostly work with less actives with my companion! anyway so im a lot better now still home sick but im trying to just get lost in the lords work and keep my mind off home family and friends. my P days are on Monday just so you know. G-ma told me about your fishing trip great fun! i hope your not mad when i say my camera is broke i dunno how but it is so emergency money is getting a new camera :) yea i got the tie and sim card love the tie and the card hope you got my other sim card i sent! i am actually hoping i go to the gettoh area next because everyone there respects you not like up here in carmicheal area they are to rich and busy for the likes of us. However we are teaching some really great people we are going to have a baptism for 2 soon as well :) I am learning the piano and staying at an old ladies house who is a member she is 87 and went skydiving HOW COOL! she is really sweet every now and then i get a glimps of football she loves watching football haha. i know strict obedience is hard. I am continuing my sign learning with the "def" sisters here we call them that but they are just ASL sister missionaries. no we aint been to the shire yet but i saw it and want to go there. Stockten is a real bad place just so you know, they have a monthly death rate sign i think its monthly might be yearly either way its for the murder rate its at 37 last i saw. I hear its a great place for missionaries though. There is place in my mission called the shire so thats what i mean by we aint been to the shire:):) well im sorry to hear about gordan send him my love ill pray for him for sure! As far as needing anything how much money do i have on my card??  i just need to get my camera so emergency cash is on the camera sorry..... Well i love you and the family and i love here and teaching is easy just wish i could do more service ya know. I LOVE YOU ALL HOPE TO HEAR MORE FROM YOU AND ABOUT THE MOVIES! i love everything about you all and keep sending me goodies i also am sending home some college supplies so put em on my box :) missionaries leave behind useful things. Oh! also i talked to someone on the airplane she is reading the book for mormon now we had a great talk the whole ride she loved it said she felt the spirit so that was happy news! also mail me in snail mail so i get it before monday what jeremy's address is and whatever else you wanna say in it ahha i love you!! Also the mission thing here is we have to part our hair every day and say love you to all ELDERS not sisters when hanging up the phone haha.  I LOOK LIKE A DORK WITH PARTED HAIR! so i get away without doing it some days :) Also first day here gnarly fire right by the temple so i could not go there sadly oh well i got other times to go.
Kate- thats ok you missed my call i was not on very long you will see me on Christmas, THATS RIGHT SEE ME i can Skype here! I am told that anyway we will see. glad you had fun at homecomeing i its a great dance! whats funny is i think for my first homecoming i went to Bonzi or Asian star so your following my footsteps. Yea i know him and his older brother so he is a pretty good kid from what i can tell! Sorry to hear about the dog i miss her a lot i love her so very much i really miss her i wanna see her when i get my Christmas call. i hoipe that everything picks up there soon sorry to leave yall desolate without us there haha. i love you very much and miss you hope school is going well for you! keep me posted on your life it gets me through the weeks thats for certain. LOVE YOU!

Kevin- actually ill have you know my sign name is sand fish because i did flips dives and flopped around in sand volleyball and kick ball, ill show you how it goes when i skype home just remind me ok!!!! I love you!! i also love it here even though it gets me down i love talking to those who want to hear and those who reject me they say not to take it personally out here but thats hard for me with these people i dont know why. anyway glad lisa is following my footsteps seems like i left behind some fun trends eh? by the way my comp SNORES like nobodies business and he is asleep literally in seconds im not kidding it sucks to sleep but i manage i just wake up a lot so i stay pretty tired haha. yea he is a tough guy but he is all bark and no bite he is funny and laughs a lot very loving but i keep him around so he keeps me safe haha love they guy.

Steph- honestly i miss the MTC things were already planned out and it was easier haha. I LOVE the MTC everyone there is really nice. the free dinner aint changed thats for sure everyone feeds me :)  anyway glad everything is ok and i left some kind of impression even if its just a wild dog impression haha im joking i love you very much!! HI slade i love you too your awesome and i hope to see you on my Christmas call!

Megan- sorry i aint wrote back they only let me write letters on mondays as well IT SUCKS! anyway your awesome i love you and a letter is being sent your way its great! It's also very long with a gift. Feel blessed because my family dont get gifts yet haha! hope all is well write me often send as many letters as you think can make it before monday or one HUGE one taht makes it before monday, but read mine first ok? 

TO ALL OTHER FRIENDS- WRITE ME! that is all :)  OH! also parker pick up your ammo and what not that was got for your birthday ok? and dad make sure the CPT. gets my info :) love you all and to all a good night HOHOHO (lady of the night lady of the night lady of the night)  OH ALSO JASON YOU NEED TO REPLY!!!!!!! hope you like the teacher pic that looks like Dr. cameron! BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE

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