Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jeremys first letter AND picts :)

Hey padre, sorry this is the first chance that I have had to write email for you. I haven't even been on Email until today, its my Pday. I have sent you mail though, so you should've gotten somethin. I brought another journal so I'm okay with that, but I do need 2 pairs of jeans, there are some in my closet, the white ones and the blue ones with the button back pockets would be appreciated if you could, along with some Unisom hahahaha Serious though hook up some Unisom I cant sleep at 1030 ha. I'm lovin everythin so far, my Companion Elder Gabbitis is a really chill guy. He's from Bakersfield Cali. My bunkies are awesome and my District is incredable, everyone around me is a spiritual giant. My bunkies are Elder Phair, Elder Damis, Anziano Carr, and Anziano MiCintire. The Anazion's as I call them are going to Italy, speaking of Italy Sorrela De Ruvo is an Italian Sister who I've run into and she is just crazyyy. I ran into her at the temple and it was like running into a brick wall, I turned around and went straight to her and just started chattin up. My Elders lost me cause they didn't know I turned around haha My companion was trippin out, and when they found me they just started laughin it up. I know that's not the right reason to be here but still its been a fun additive. I haven't forgotten why I am here however. I have grown so much while I have been here, my district and my companion has helped me so much. I actually feel the spirit here, which isn't something I have felt in forever. I wish that I could've been there for Chars wedding, tell her congrats for me and tell Slade Jason and Ashley Happy B-Day and I love them.I'm writing you letters also, that will probably be the primary way in which I write to you. I don't know how much time I have left on here so I'm going to have to keep this kinda short. Lucky for you though the MTC has USB mini card readers now so I can send you pictures.. The picture in the Room is of Elder Damis Florida, on the bed, then Gabbitis is the one with me then in the room again is Elder Gabbitis, Phair, Egan and Lacey from left to right. Phair and Damis are my bunkies, then Egan and Lacey are in my District. I've gotta go but love ya and hope all is well.

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