Monday, December 3, 2012

Lesson in Pride in Oregon

Padre, I'm sorry but I'm not going to take your word on the Soundgarden Album, Chris Cornell does good music and that's just how it is.. Other then that Timbaland album... But.... Sports news I hear that a freshman at Texas A&M broke the total yards record that Tebow and Cam Newton set.... He's up for Heisman... and I am missing it........ SAD DAY! Not watching the Cowboys get whomped on thanksgiving was a huge sacrifice that I'm sure the lord will remember in the judgement day hahaha (hopefully he won't hold me accountable for sacrilege) I hear that there might be a trade between The Knicks and Lakers A'mare for Gasol?? Is this true?? that would be crazy.. We are feeling much better now. In the mission news my compy got Transferred to Klamath.. Apparently I was a little to much for the kid. I learned a lesson in being prideful though. Me and Hague didn't really mesh to well because he has been under a rock his whole life so I kinda thought that I was, In most ways, better then him.. I know, PRIDE! We have kinda been at odds with each other the entire transfer sadly and I finally took a step back to evaluate what was going on. He was reporting to the pres that I was not what missionaries should be like, which is probably true.. You know how I am, it comes off as fairly abrasive to some people out here.. But because he was doing this I just thought he was wrong and I was just normal when really I was prideful and lame. I thought about it and I came to the conclusion that he was right, and though we are very different, I am no better then him and he actually in many ways had the ups on me. My pride and knowledge of the world bit me in the butt. So I talked to him and we came to a positive conclusion. I learned that the only way to fix a negative situation is to fix yourself, you can't change someone, so change yourself. I had to learn it the hard way sadly and we have had some negative results area wise.. I've always had to learn the hard way. As soon as I repented of my ways, Hague was transferred hahaha At least I was able to make amends with him.. But I still have much to learn out here. I love you padre and I'll try and get that letter out to you ASAP! I'll also let you know whats going on w/ transfers as soon as I find out! I love you and I hope all is well! I'm so happy to hear that Liam is better and I hope that everyone is adjusting well at home! Ofa Atu!!
Elder Larsen Sr.
P.S. I'll send the boots back soon, I found some that are sweet for 150, if thats possible.. I love you and thank yor for all the support.
Beunos Noches Senorita Kevin
My Father tells me that this is Impossible... I need to watch that show now haha Have that show ready for me when I'm home in two years or we're done! hahaha I have the most awesome christmas vest ever! I'll send home a christmas card for the family and it'll be glorious! With that kind of information I can ruin you btw, i'm going to hold this over your head forever! If you and Katie can figure out how to get me calvin and hobbs ties that's all I want for christmas, and maybe a pull up bar! A nativity would be awesome if you could send me an awesome one, I would love that because I want to use it in some lessons this holiday season. I'm gettin pushed out the door by some other Elders... Sorry I've gotta go so fast. Talk to Lisa about the letter I sent her, It gives some good advice for the kids at home.. I love you so much and I hope all is well! You're the best and Guiltception is a real thing, I saw it on the news!

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