Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jeremy does a leadership conference

On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 12:12 PM, Jeremy Larsen wrote: Well this week was awesome! Justin O'Keefe was baptized! Coolest kid I know man. He's 14 and wants to really get his life started in a positive way. Totally blows my mind that he's even thinkin that way at all. We are starting to work with his mom now as well. Things are going very well for us in this part of Oregon. Tell Kevin happy birthday for me! Elder Muir's bday was on saturday and he was the one that baptized Justin. Good bday present for him. Sunday he was confirmed, he got a haircut, a suit and is lookin like a missionary already. I was thinkin a lot about Kev yesterday and I feel bad for not gettin out a letter to him I just honestly haven't had the time. I've been so dead over the last bit. I don't even recognize that I'm tired though. My mind knows that I am though haha I have been confusing names all week and haven't even recognized it. In two weeks I get to go to a leadership training thing with Elder Richards of the 70! private interview is possible... pray that I'm not one that is chosen haha. Being in leadership has really helped me at managing my time and keeping track of things. I've appreciated the opportunity the Lord has provided for me in being called to it. However, I recognize more in more how little I actually know. You know Bas**** by Ben Folds, the thoughts i've had have reminded me of that song. Did ya'll rent the wave runners or did we just go out and buy em?? hahaha In my dreams! We'll have to go out and do that again one day! Tell Davy that I'm extremely jealous of his excursion! I don't really remember the living scrips, I'm gonna be honest, I fried my brain pretty good during the dark days haha Hopefully it doesn't come back to haunt me in later years. I'm glad that ya'll have had a good week, again tell Kev that I love him and happy bday. Tell Jason that I say whats up! When is that kid gettin married? I thought that would be in the works already. I love ya'll and hope that things continue to go well for ya'll! Be safe. Also I got my new release date. Sept 16th. What day does school start for UVU, BYU, UofU and Utah State? I'm feeling better but I'm still havin trouble with food. I'm stayin the same weight though. I'm definitely slimmer though. My suit doesn't fit anymore hahaha If you could somehow send Muir a BDay wish here is his Email. I know my thoughts are extremely scattered but hey nothin I can do about it. I had the coolest experience at the baptism though. I gave a talk based on "if any of you lack wisdom" Justin was 14 so it fit haha. I just read everything I could about the story connected principles in my mind prayed about it and went up just winging it hoping the spirit would step in. He totally did. Most spiritual talk I've ever givin. We had two of the Laurels do a duet and then the baptism then I talked and the entire place was just filled. we had an investigator there and there were many others and it was just AWESOME! I'm kinda starting to understand the spirit. I've got a long way to go but I've been able to teach by it in such a better way then when I got here. Boyd was right on target during the "Work Of Salvation" broadcast. SANCTIFY yourself and teach only by the spirit. It was amazing to be an instrument in God's hands at that moment. I love all of you! Happy BDAY KEVIN!!! Hope to hear from you all again soon!

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