Sunday, August 18, 2013

Zack is a DL (and stays in the Wilton Hilton)

yea its transfer so my pday was today. so ltso happening at home huh? thank you everyone for getting married while im gone!!! uuhh well that sounds like an awesome trip to bad i missed out eh? glad everyone is having fun! jason is getting married before he sent me a letter what.....a.......what for it................jerk :) anyway well sounds liek a big family trip to tahiti maybe add meg in that trip eh? :) anyway my call is to sit put in wilton which by the end of this i will be 9 months in wilton im training another missionary again and becoming district leader. so thats going to be crazy! im becoming a cowboy i have the straw cowboy hat and a cowboy belt im working on wrestling for the boots! we have 2 baptisms this week and 2 on the 31st! luckily im no longer covering 2 wards and im just in wilton! they shotgunned sisters into the sheldon ward i hope they baptize my investigators there if not i shall DESTROY them :) using scriptures like "oh ye child of hell" and such :) ill go old testament on them :) anyway i love yall muchly and i miss you! i was bailing hay for an investigator the otehr day and one of his helpers was telling us about his days in the black panthers i was worried he was going to kill all of us leaving only my comp elder wong and elder shiotani my former comp alive since they are not white :) anyway im alive and well! things are good just going to be deciding what firefighting drills im going to run for district meeting! well i love you all muchly and i miss you all muchly! hope that all is well and if there is anything i can do lemme know! we will find out my companion tomorrow! love you all muchly and the church is true! oh fun story! this member in wilton ward is a cop and swat sniper he gets called to our investigators house in the sheldon ward SUPER AWKWARD!! also my pants got al lmessed up in a bike thingy no big deal im ok still in one peace however i cant say the same for my pants :) yea extra money to buy might help :) love you!

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