Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Zack and baptisms galore!

well that sounds like a great time! glad that all is well and tell kev happy freaking birthday!! I love that kid! so still no letter from Jason still depressed :( uuhh oh for Darlene JR's phone number is 916 678 2881i have a request for you! I need 3 pair of pants one cacky one black and one gray :) my pants are a 35 width and 32 or length. also I need some stamps. : ) :) anyway still having trouble with my comp we had a sit down with the zone leaders and he blatently lied to their face so he may or may not be going home :( im sad about that because he doesn't wanna follow rules he doesn't struggle he just doesn't wanna follow them :( anyway I love you all so much and that food place looks and sounds good :) well I love you all so much! I got your package for my birthday! I love it so so much!! thank you for the bubbles and the books!!! I love it all the food too which is a good help :) thank you! we had a baptism on Saturday and we have four set up for the 17th of august! we are really seeing success from the members here and so much success that they are splitting our wards with missionaries this transfers ill find out the details next pday :) well here are some pics for fun love you! oh send my sim card so I can send you mine! also send me my baptism pics so I can send those to our ward historian she wants them :) love you!! your amazing sorry for the demanding email but you guys atre a graet example to me and I love it and need it!!!

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