Monday, August 19, 2013

Jeremys investigator

As for Jason and Jennica, its been forever since I've heard from Jason he needs to say whats up! I'll keep them both in my prayers and I know that the Lord will handle it the way that it needs to go. Kevin looks very very very tired in that picture, and Gannet looks beautiful btw, man that looks like it was a fun trip with all ya'll! I love the bow Dusty brought with him, straight up like a boss man! So this week a guy we are working with bore us his testimony, he wrote it down and gave it to me as a gift. It was awesome. When I first met this guy he didn't want anything to do with us, but now the Lord has blessed him and helped him feel and understand the spirit. The Lord has totally blessed me with working with this guy, he's awesome. Unfortunately he's on parole for 8 more years so he can't be baptized or even come to church right now. Its a total bummer.. Part of the repentance process though, he made a big mistake and for that there are consequences. I still need to get new shoes, so I'll be buying some ecco's pretty soon. How is Ashley and Jordan doin btw? Also a gal name Lily or a guy named Jacob are going to be dropping off some stuff at the house pretty soon, don't know when but let me know when they see ya. Life is good out here and I've been greatly blessed. I love ya'll and hope all is well. I hope that you have a good week to relax a bit at home and just enjoy the little things, that's something I've learned to do thankfully. Well you are all in my prayers. I love ya hope you have a good one! Elder Larsen Sr.

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