Monday, August 26, 2013

Zacks bike takes another hit

shotgunning is like whitewashing when two people leave and two new people come in to the area. as far as dodgeball finding inv PMG says to find creative ways to find new invs and we are doing just that. we are putting an add in the local wilton paper we are driving tractors and we are doing all kinds of stuff. sad day though my bike is now more trashed than before. we had it on the back of our car and we were on the freeway when the tabs slipped open and my bike went flying :( im fixing it right now but we will see what happens. my comp is so solid I love the guy! we are doing the slay the slang challenge and im loosing because im horrible at not slanging. im turning more and more cowboy by the day. im in wilton for too long! sorry to hear that kate sprained her ankle.... I tore my shoulder muscle and my bicep :( its been in a lot of pain but I decided that im just going to forget I got hurt and then it will go away. plus I cant trust someone named DR. muhamad. anyway all is well here I almost got eaten by a prison gurads dog which was scary but god protected me there and I got another pic by the nude ranch sign because its funny :) anyway I love you all muchly and elder mahaa is happy for the email. love you so much and glad you are helping my with pants :) I love yall!!!! elder mahaa will be replying in a different message :)

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