Monday, August 19, 2013

A Tahitian missionary in Zachs district!

well sounds great about the old man who couldn't keep his clothes on :) there was a homeless guy when I was in del paso heights that would tan naked at the church every day and we would have to shew him away on sunday and pdays :) as for the hike glad it went well :) im happy to hear you are feeling better, to bad for kevin not making it :( as for megan coming to the Tahiti trip, her last name may not be Larsen by then but she should still be able to come seeing as while I been gone you have seen fit to have 3 weddings and a baby all in my absence :) I hope sam is excited for his calling there, it will be such a fun experience I have heard a lot of cool things about Idaho and Jeremy has said a lot about Oregon as you know :) I have a new comp that im training he is from alpine Utah and he is pretty cool! he has a strong desire to learn and im making him teach more :) shiotani my former comp said make sure I verbally abuse this one so he turns out better haha! I also ran my first district meeting last Thursday and it was good we talked about finding new investigators and how to use the members and I related it to dodgeball. we are a small district but still good! we have to shotgunned sisters in Sheldon ward so they are just trying to get use to the area since they are both new to it. we also have anew missionary from Tahiti that is being trained by my good friend elder stevens from draper Utah who went to alta. I would like you to write him a letter in Tahitian if you could. his name is elder mahaa. he knows about the man who has elephantitis in his manhood that you told me about. he is very cool and he is from the island Tahiti the main one he said :) he is very cool and speaks French Tahitian a lil English and a lil tongan so I speak tongan to him :) him and my comp elder black are very cool I appreciate them! we have 4 investigators in wilton who are about to be baptized and we have 2 more that are looking very promising. there is apic on my camera that shows me with cows and a paddle that is where I learned how to sort cows out of the carrel by hand! we would stand in front of them and make noises and hit them with the paddle until we were able to shepherd the cows we wanted into the sqeeze and sort them so that was cool! also about the pants I just remembered I cant buy pants because im in wilton and all we have is two liquor stores and a subway :) so you will have to get them for me :) I would like a pair of black pants and a pair of gray pants size 35W and 32L please I love you very much!!!! sadly my jaw is deteriorating, I went in for my check up and the splint is not doing a whole lot so we are working on options :) all will be well. this has been a great week and really fun! we have to bike once a week so that was scary but still fun! anyway I got to split hope all is well and I love you all very muchly :) I will pray for Jason and tell him to freaking send me a letter dang it :) bye!

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