Monday, August 26, 2013

Jeremy has lunch with a member of the seventy

This week has been an awesome one. I'm tellin ya I am really starting to understand the power of Jesus Christ's atonement and the role it has truly played in my life. I have never felt the spirit like the way I did this last Sunday. I was having a funky day even but at sacrament I have never been so moved by the spirit before in my life. I remember all of the blessings that I have received in my life all at once, I remembered the moments that God was watching over me and protecting me, even when I didn't know. It was an intense moment. Justin O'Keefe our recent convert was passing sacrament to us and it was just the greatest man. The greatest thing is, now that I have all of these witnesses of the truth I can never go back on. I just need to find ways in the future that I'll be able to keep the fire lit under my butt so I don't get lazy and slip away. I've been talking a lot with a member in this ward that has sons that were like me and he's been helping me figure out ways to keep myself active in the faith. He has helped me find ways to master my thoughts and actions so I can be a better representative of Christ today and forever. The meeting with the 70 was awesome. Elder Richards and I talked for a good bit at lunch. The leadership meeting was insanely spiritual. We had a good discussion on how to lead. It seemed to be that a lot of it was how to be a good father and mother for the sisters that were there. I'm discovering very quickly now how important all of this stuff I'm learning is going to help me in the future. The mission really is the launching pad for the rest of your life. I'm so glad that I get to stay out here. I'm tellin ya I was sweating literal bullets over what the stake pres was going to say..... BUT LIFE IS GOOD, as REI says and the church is true and the Lord lives as does our Heavenly Father. So as for the Flat.... DIBS! HAHAHAHAHAHA jk jk maybe... Its good to hear that Jason has life going in full tilt, same with Ammon. Tell them both I miss them and hope all is well with them. Havent heard from them in awhile.. hint hint hint hint...... Good to hear that Ashley is doin well also tell her "whats up homie!" in those words. Tell Kevin I miss the little budger and we shall play Chrystal Chronicles again one day! So I definitely am going to need your help with keeping me reading every day, we should always set aside some time to read together as a family, I support that idea whole heartedly because I ask people to do it every day as a family. When they do they are much happier. So the same is with ya'll. We have a baptism comin up this Saturday for a couple! its gonna be awesome! Well I love ya'll and hope all is well. Tell the family I say hey and that I miss em. Bullcut and I are hitting our year mark on the 28th, CRAZY!! Love ya! Elder Larsen Sr.

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