Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Shotgunned missionaries in the hills of sacramento??

On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 10:57 AM, Zachary Larsen wrote: well hey howdy hey! transfers came in! im sticking around however, my companion is not. my comp is being sent of to Manteca. my new comp is elder taphous! my MTC DL he is cool! its cool to be with a comp that came out with me. i feel like sundays here are a literal translation of the scripture thats says "and then the night cometh where there can be no labor performed" we have so many meetings every Sunday night that we can never perform and missionary work haha! the hills got what we call shotgunned which is whitewashed in other missions. either way we kicked out our problem children and have new ones so im excited to see what happens there. we got a solid DL up in the hills who will keep everyone obedient! when we told one of our problem missionaries that they were being shotgunned he denied the transfer and gave us some problems and then i said well i think either way your being transferred but you can bring it up to the AP's they will just tell you the same thing. interesting fight he was putting up haha! im hoping now i can focus more on my own missionary work! i was not able to have the opportunity to have a baptism this month which is the first month since April so i was kinda sad. things are really looking up for us in this new month though, we have a lot of INV's close to baptism they just need to commit to a specific date. im hoping! well im glad you closed the deal on the new house and that a family just like ours could be moving into our house. so whats the deal with jeremy and i in housing? are we going straight to Orem or whats going on because i dunno. also whats the deal with school? when does it start? do i need to come home a week early or later or whats? seems like some not good things with gpa and kate huh? i will for sure pray for them! kate needs to not hurt herself she has a lot going for her! i could hurt myself i didnt have as much going haha! she cant follow my example! thats awesome for lisa getting that job im sure that will be a big help to them! well im starting the new pills today so we will see how they effect me. whats your thought on blood type diets by the way? i was reading a book on it, i could never stick to it but its supposed to be healthier, i think all i been changing is less sodium and more rabbit food plus LOTS OF ALOE like aloe drinks and a couple other things. i like the new way of teaching the youth! tayloring lessons to the youth will help keep them active i think, thats how we teach inv's is by specifically making the PMG lessons apply to the people we teach and what it is they are needing to learn to help them progress! well not to many crazy stories other than we got yelled at by some crazies and that an unhappy athiest certainly didnt like us at all. we have been working really hard because there is not an over abundance of member help here, your referral is 1/4 of our member referrals since i have been here haha! our WML has been a big help though we are starting a new program going from all the auxiliaries teaching them about missionary work! anyway i love yall and hope your all happy have a great day!

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