Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Zack busy with investigators and injuries

so am i staying in student housing or in a basement of another place you got? im a lil confused... we have been so busy i couldn't get that info but ill get it to you next monday! i cant call that number so ill need you to sign me up and ill prolly have to just do 2ed block i guess because since we are switching mish presidents i cant move my time :( ill keep trying if i can ill let ya know ASAP. uuhh ill get the info goin and see who wants to do what. if we get like a basement or a starter home kind of thing the rent doesn't go up with amount of people right? also my back has been kinda sore still ill get it checked out when i can find some time but we been so busy. ill definitely be taking all the fire classes i can especially the wild land courses if possible. anyway our missionary was out of the hospital but then he relapsed hard just to discover it was not west nile it is viral meningitis, the hospitals here are SO FAR BEHIND! they are terrible even UC davis which is supposed to be way nice is terrible we go to sutter general now because its the nicest one they got. he was put into a medical coma and was out for 2 days before they brought him back and he is recovering but is probably going to have to go home sadly for recovery. he is doing a lil better but is unstable still he was in the ICU for a week, meanwhile i been having my own injuries its been a week of them i jacked up my leg on a rusty chunk of metal and got slammed into a pole damaging my man parts slightly which was a very unpleasant experience although my comp thought it to be very funny. we have been on the road doing hour long trips to the hospital for our missionary and so i been ahving to spend money on my home card to get food sadly.... however!!!!! good things are, we added a ton of new investigators that are super SOLID! the work is picking up big time even though we dont have time to work much in our area and my comp is the best he is so great we have so much fun together! im getting good at soccer so alex would be proud and life is great! the week has been full of trials and miracles and i couldnt be happier!!! we are enjoying life here in sac! life is great. we are comin close to a baptism so we are excited and i get to see all my converts from wilton and sheldon wards! Alex is a pro and when i first started playing soccer out here with all the mexicans i did the same as liam and they were quick i guess i have always been parcial to basket ball :) anyway love yall so much! i hope you enjoy the new house and i hope all is well!!!! :) :) love you so much!!!!

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