Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jeremys P Minute

Its so good to hear from all of you!! This last week has been insane. Longest and shortest week of the mission. Katie is trying to perform it for her Graduation? That's not this year right? There is no way she is graduating this year? You've gotta be joking me, or punking or something she is still a Junior right? You've gotta tell me the truth on this one! She is still my little sister, she can't go to college and all that jazz, I thought she was accepted in like two years. I don't know why this is hitting me so hard right now, but I can't believe that Katie is graduating High School, this is the gnarliest thing I've ever heard. SO i'm going to have to get another part of this email to you in just a bit, turns out this Pmoment is over..... I've been in full sprint mode for the last 4 weeks and its been dope, Norton keeps me busy for sure. I'll hit you up in just a moment. Love ya Elder LaRy Sr.

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