Monday, June 23, 2014

Baptisms in the YSA!

Well too bad mike is already housed... call him again and tell him it would be cooler if he lives with me :) seriously though. anyway i love ya! sounds like things were pretty crazy! weddings galore eh? who lives in that place of Nevada? thats the middle of nowhere. anyway glad the wedding went smoothly! we had a baptism which was amazing i actually had 2 one in Lodi and one in Elk Grove. the one that i performed i actually performed it the first time with my left hand so i baptized him to hell haha j.k. j.k. j.k. but i did have to redo it sadly. The zone is doing great although we are struggling with some apostasy which is sad because i want to end my mission on a good note :( but we are working away! im so freaking tired!!! im tired like all the time is terrible it makes missionary work hard haha but it also means i have been working hard. As for my classes sounds fun? how many credits? so the firefighting is the 6 to 10? that will be cool! your the best! i just got on shiotani for not emailing you he is a punk! and as for Indy i would love to have him with us! that would be great! im losing at monopoly my companion is pretty great at it, im mortgaging lots of things out but i think i can have a come back! We have had a couple great weeks! We are teaching tons of lessons a week 25 to 30 which is awesome! i have never done that before! Teaching at eh college campus is pretty amazing although in a California summer sometimes distracting! We got abducted at the campus which was crazy! i can tell the story later just remind me. just know a guy pulled up in a golf cart and abducted us. thats the 3rd time on my mission :) All the YSA talk about is their countdown for when i leave its pretty jacked up but we get work done anyway! life is great! love you all so much! toodles! sorry for the short email i didnt really know what to write. take care of chinchy ok?

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