Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Zack trains a new ZL

ok i got shio your cell number! anyway that sucks big time that i cant do my welcome home talk with jeremy..... well i would be down to pick jeremy up but i guess it depends on whats goin on when im home. i cant have a welcome home talk on august 14th im not home yet. thats crazy. well that sounds like a lot going on my good friend. im suprized. i got the shaver it was much i needed i went 2 days without shaving and well lets say i became a man on my mission because i had a decent lil beard going on haha! im staying in Elk Grove transfers came yesterday and im training a new zone leader but im doin 9 transfers in Elk Grove its crazy! well life goes on. half our zone is training new missionaries! As far as things here its been good we have 2 INV's with a date for baptism its great! im excited to see what happens! so how big is the apartment that we are staying in if it has 6 rooms in it thats crazy huge! how much is it a month? also if im getting a job with where Jesse riddle works how much am i getting paid. Liam is a champ! thats how i played GO FISH if you wanna remind dusty of that. well i have mroe pics to send to ya rather than much to write we got lots going on so i cant say much but i love you!!! well im happy and time is running short so im just going tohave to buckle down and work hard :D well bye bye!!!!

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