Monday, June 16, 2014

Zack and gold mining

no need for reserves in endowments and as far as long as we stay out i would like to attend sacrament meeting in the YSA if i could before we leave. is that possible? as for school great! did you get a hold of shiotani or rather did he contact you? that sounds crazy for dean what a cool experience! as for rock climbing way to go mama Darlene! Climbing is the best! Glad Kate really loved New York thats cool! i went gold panning today in Caloma! i loved it! i found some small flakes of gold but nothing much, mostly i got no bones ed in the river and went a floating down it :) it was fun! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! i love you dad and thanks for keeping me here on earth instead of killing me! Your the best! While we are here i wanna see maybe moaning caverns and big trees ill be looking for some other things to go see :) i dont have long to talk so im sorry because of my gold mining! i love you though sorry for not writting :) it was a great week we found 10 new investigators thanks to the lord we taught almost 40 lessons this week and then we had a baptism!!!!! im so happy! BLACKTISMS!!!!!!! and we have 2 more ready to be baptized im so happy the lord is really blessings us a lot and we are spending time and finding success on the college campuses! i love it here so much! i love this work!

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