Monday, June 30, 2014

Zacks zone renamed "Elk Grove Family"

well the zone has been crazy this has been one of my most debilitating and tiring weeks but also one of my best weeks. i found out that one of my recent converts is going less active due to many injuries and illnesses she is turning completely away from god nothing against the church or anything she just doesnt like god and wants nothing to do with him which was very disheartening i havnt really had converts go LA on me.... she still likes me coming over but not willing to pray or anything. we also had quite a bit of apostasy in the zone, spanish and english missionaries are not getting along and not working and all kinds of stuff. Now the great part is, we were able to talk out a lot of the inter missionary disputes that caused much problems and unify the zone. We started calling it Elk Grove Family instead of zone so thats good. we have the missionaries on the same page adn the spirit played a huge roll in the sit downs and personal chats because we prayed a ton and god is just the best!!!! i love him! he helped a lot the spirit was SSSOOOO strong in every chat we had with missionaries. we had 4 inv's to church and two of them are for sure getting baptized and we have lots of people to teach and we have just been super busy non-stop with working either with inv's or missionaries and its been amazing to be busy all the time and most days we give up breakfast and lunch because we are to busy so thats why im so tired haha! This week the member we live with gave us an in depth discussion on aliens and why they are here and what they are going to do so thats kewl, he says he is convinced his wife is an alien so thats interesting but hey whatever works right? He also talked politics with us and conspiracy, he is super crazy! but that makes for good stories. if your curious at all, elder fluckiger is killing me in monopoly sadly haha! I keep getting more and more tired im worn out but still working i know if is top that everything bad will happen and if i keep working that things will only get better. We went to a HUGE party the other day and found 2 new investigators one who wants to be baptized,he thought he was already a member just by coming to church so thats cool! i saw christain our NFL friend he went to the activity. we had YSA from the bay area to Roseville and Rocklin so that was crazy! and i kinda got un focused but you would too if you were my age on a mission for 22 months and surrounded by that much YSA and fun activities however we stayed on purpose and taught lessons there to non-members :) uuhh Lets see........ president adn sister lewis are now gone and we have the new mission president so thats cool i guess we are having a conference call with him tomorrow and then a meeting with him on wednesday. well, IM TIRED! i wanna sleep haha! im having lunch with brandon mcbride today which is tight! i have learned lots of new ghetto talk, wanna hear some? "Hey bro! you fina catch fade homie? datz be hecka ratchet dawg! kick rocks M.C. B4 i out you!" or my personal favorite " i dont be here man" thats a good one haha! there is more but that should suffice for now right? so great news, we dont have to go to Del Paso heights if you dont want to because my convert moved out of there. (for safety im sure) Also there is a member that has offered to house us for free while we are staying, we would have our own rooms and person space from the family as well. they wanna make it for FREE to be easier on you, its closer to the places i have served and the temple is not too far away from it. Rancho Cordova is kinda ghetto anyway, although we will prolly visit there because its got the capitol and the cool park there and such. well thats my week im happy and the mission is great! i can honestly say that i have made some necessary changes. im happier with my life and i have a much better understanding of it thats FO SHO HOMIE! well love you all muchly! its sad that jesse is selling his house so he better be at my home coming! As for trek be prepared its some good hiking! i LOVE HIKING! Give my best to the family on the missions little rock would be lots o fun! well love you all lots! Tell kate that its un patriotic to go to Europe on the 4th of July seeing as we fought very very hard to be OUT of Europe on the 4th of July. :)

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