Monday, June 2, 2014

Jeremy teaches with a member of the 70!

Padre!!! So this week has been nuts. We had our mission tour with Elder Martino! It was an awesome experience. We were able to teach 2 lesson's with him in members homes which rocked. He told us very pointedly where we needed to improve and built up some of the points we did well. We used our experiences from those lesson's to teach the rest of the mission how to use properly teach with members and plan with members and how to become better teachers. It was awesome. We toured the mission again with him and I'll tell ya by Saturday we were done... But Saturday we had an awesome awesome experience. We were able to take a LA gal and her non member friend to the Temple. After we got back from that we had a baptism for our friend Zack Common, he's like a little brother to us. His entire family came and it was awesome. Lexi his sister is awesome and she'll be baptized soon with her Mom Jenny. Turns out Jenny's boyfriend is a member also, so we are excited. The baptism itself was the best I've ever been apart of. Our President gave the talk on baptism, one of the priest's, Tate Masse, performed the baptism which rocked! If I had it my way, I would go back and have all of our investigator's baptized by a member.... Its just the way to do it. Tate is now going to serve a mission, and the next day at fast and testimony so many youth got up and talked about how excited they were to get the opportunity to change lives like they've seen Zack's change on their missions. It was awesome! That is about as short a summary of the week that I can give, but that really is it in a nut shell. I've never been running like I've been running around like this. Life is good though. I can't even tell you how much I've learned over the last few weeks. I've learned more about acting or being acted upon by circumstances and how as we act in accordance with the spirit the enabling power of Christ's atonement is brought into our lives. I've learned more about parenting then I could have ever imagined. The mission is amazing. I'm glad things are still chugging along with you all. It sounds like its going to be a few crazy weeks ahead for all of you.. I can't believe Katie is graduating.... Was kev still planning on moving in with us at UVU? if so he should hop on pop quick. Another side of this week has been really hard though. Doss McKinney from Turner died and so did my good friend Dave Phillips. Doss was the guy in the Wheelchair with Fran his wife. Dave was a guy we worked with every week, his family was semi active, but he had a lung disease that was taking him down, but it took him much faster then they thought. It was a form of pneumonia. I have such a stronger testimony of the power of the atonement in our day to day. Dave's wife has been working with this for the past 7 months and she is still going strong, Albert and Karli are having a harder time though (the kids) They're both young adults at home but its just been tough. Keep Fran and the Phillips in your prayers if you could. The mission is full of ups and downs, their is always opposition... I know that it is all part of our Fathers plan, so life is good. I love all of you so much. I look forward to hearing more from you. Tell the family I love em. Elder Larseny Sr.

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