Monday, June 9, 2014

Zack, Aliens and Taxidermy!

thanks for the pics! boy has this week been so busy for us! im training a new zone leader and its crazy! Elder Fluckiger is so great i really like him and he is SSOOO TIRED! he asked is being a zone leader always this busy? we combined some ward boundaries on a stake level and we are splitting a spanish area. we attended 7 hours of church meeting yesterday and we have had over 20 hours of meetings these last 3 days! we have taught many lessons and we are seeing so much success!!! We are having a blacktism this week and we have two more on date and we are so happy! We moved into this crazy members house! he is a huge aliens believer and has no place for our food so we are just kinda starving haha! he ahs over 400 books on aliens and is always watching ancient aliens and believes they are going to take over our temples and do family history work and says its scripturally backed. its interesting we have a little cubical we are living in but we make the most of it and have fun, who knows i could be a believer once im out of here we read the books for our morning glory work outs they are a mental work out because of how funny they are! i hope kate enjoys her trip that will be fun! tahts awesome she saw clint i LOVE HIM!!! My comp does to he is a cowboy from wyoming that does taxidermy. well i have to go sorry for such a short email i got shaver thanks! also how much would i be making at the multi level marketing thing and what would i be doing? im told by president lewis i have a week to start making future plans haha then its back to missionary work its part of the departing stuff he has us do. well love you all so much! FILL ME IN ON DEAN GETTING ARRESTED! i wanna know about that i might send another email in a bit we will see. love youa ll! also whats kevin up to? well bye!

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