Monday, June 16, 2014

Jeremy and AP duties!

Hey Padre! I totally apologize for the last few weeks,also! HAPPY FATHERS DAY.... Honestly life has been absolute bonkers. So......... Where do I start... first I owe you some pictures. 2nd.... So this last week we had a 6 hour hash out on how to fix some of the issues in the mission with President. It was nuts. For the most part the mission is consecrated and wanting to do right, now we are lacking as teachers of simple truths of the gospel. Also Elder Shipley is going home with Elder Norton this transfer so this is been a tough few weeks preparing for this. Elder Shipley is the AP out east of the Cascades in the Redmond and Bend Stakes and they are both in a spiritual darkness right now. The conferences out there were just flat because the preparedness of the missionaries. SO.... I'll be going out there to be the AP out there. I'm pretty nervous about it, but luckily President is giving me a navy seal team to go and take care of business! Elder Montierth from Salem is down here with us now. He is the new Assistant. We are training him in 2 weeks to take over the office and the core of the mission so I can go out to the Cascades and help revive the work. Its going to be crazy. I'm excited and a bit nervous, but it will work out thanks to the Lord. I'm so very proud of Katie, tell her how much I love her! I'm glad that she had a good time in New York! is that where Grandma went with them?? So just the other week I introduced our President to the Jykle and Hydes so its a thing out in the mission now! I had no idea that the Heward left... that is pretty sad... Also Dean in jail?? That's crazy? Did they STUFF him? or was he ROASTED? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LET THE LAME TURKEY PUNS BEGIN! We'll have to get some good fishing soon it sounds like. The mission has taught me to focus on the important things in life, and fishing is definitely on that list, as long as its with family and friends and not on the Sabbath haha I was going to be giving you the news that I was going to extend my mission today also but last night I talked with President and we discussed all the preparations that you've done and I've done out here and we came to the conclusion that I just need to move on with my life when all is said and done. Its got to end at some point. Its tough to say that though.. We had a baptism this last week again of a gal that Elder Norton and I found. Her and her son RJ got baptized. We found them, the other Sisters and Elders taught while we mentored in the background their efforts. It was a lot of fun. As an assistant we do missionary work like Rondo, we dish it out as we find the openings haha. The sisters and Elder Norton and I spoke and sang Be Still My Soul at the baptism. It was a great experience. Her life was saved the day we found her, she then progressed and saved her family with joining the gospel. I've seen so much of this on my mission, its just not easy to see this winding down.. I love these people... I've been pondering the phrase "and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?" This has been a tough assignment, at times I feel like I don't love these people enough (the missionaries) and I still struggle. I have answered this question in a way, but if you have any advice as I go to this new assignment on how to love these missionaries in a deeper way that would be awesome. Revelation for the day: Pride is Satan's disguise for Faith Faith: i CAN do this Pride: I can do this I love ya padre. I hope you have a great week. Let the Family know how much I love em and miss them. I'll talk to you again soon! Elder Larseny P.S. Is it possible for us to stay out until Sunday and go to church out here or no?? I'm up for any way, but If possible I would love to see a bunch of people in Salem or go to church there!

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