Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Zack gets to MOVE people :)

MEGAN- Hey just a real quick message to megan. I sent a huge letter to you its 3 pages and important so i hope you get it i just got your letter saying you aint got nothin from me. so if you dont get it in the next little bit write me again ok? anyway im going to wait a couple days for another letter and if i dont get one ill send another one out to you ok? i hope you get it because i sent a big one to you with a present. so send a letter out like same day you get mine ok? send it super fast ok? I love ya and you know it im thinkin of ya everyday i promise. hope your doin the same. :) i sent it out last tuesday so i hope you get it real soon. please send a letter to me really fast. :)
On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 10:41 AM, Zachary Larsen <zlarsen@myldsmail.net> wrote:
JASON- awesome jason! i am sad to miss HIMYM but i guess it happens. Keep me posted on two other series will ya? Walking dead and the new fire one chicago fire if you would :) sory about your meds that blows. I am happy to report no more 24 hour fasting!!! makes me happy we fast about 12 hours maybe a lil more. I wish i had some sleeping meds i dont sleep well here and especially with my comps snoring ill record it with my new camera! Its bad haha like a lawn mower starting and stopping by my head all night not even jokin. Hope PT goes well sorry it sucks so bad keep updated on that stuff. A you can imagine HIMYM is quoted tons here especially SUIT UP! stuff like that.

DAD- that sucks so bad i miss my hamster so much and my chinchy :(  well RIP Gracie she will be missed a lot. i was hoping a mirical would happen and she would be there when i get home but somehow i doubted it. Keep the cage im might get another one when i get home i love hamsters. Tell Bro kimball im very sorry and if he needs or wants me to do anything even from here im willing too we are dealing a lot with death up here to sadly. We are teaching a family who's wife has cancer real bad and she is not doing well he is really interested so is the family. He never had any religion before but missionaries helped him move down here and we helped him move in so he is happy with us and really loves talking with us. Well i hope you have fun in santa barbra if you come up my way im in carmichael haha. Although if i saw and talked with you i would probably get in trouble or just really trunkie so it may not be a good idea haha.  glad you had fun at the music festival and that all is well with the dogs. you should send me a pic of lia i miss her! i am about to get my new camera today so ill make sure its the same sim card. The plane person is just the plane person she leaves way east coast, she was just visiting, but i made a real good connection with her and she is reading the book of mormon so thats awesome. The bike guy is super cool have not followed up with him we think for gods reason really every time we go over there to see him something comes up and we cant haha. How is mike doing? whats her doing? Tell him to write me back haha!  both mike stewart and tomlinson if you see them. If yout hought i was eating well you guessed wrong haha i have been introduced to a top romen sandwich (SUPER GOOD) i think it will kill me though. You bet im showing you how to make one when i get home. I also have had a meat pie, first thing i thought was sweenie todd so i was wearry but it was super good! I hope all is well at the house though. Also let me clear up the mirical, So i was super home sick and thinking about coming home because it got pretty bad. I then started thinking because im so focused on this stuff that i am not worthy for unknown reasons but i figured out what to focus on and how to focus on it and how even thinking about the end of my mission is helpful now because it helps me stay focused on the mission work, wierdly enough. I also talked to president and he was helpful and gave me a blessing which was really good. I still get home sick and miss people but i can handle it better now. I CAN ALSO SKYPE!! and we might be getting I pads for our mission which is cool.  Well i do love ya very much and the family and everyone reading this. Just know the church is true and all is well. I'm sending you a letter with some good stories too and ask megan for the little orange paper im sending her you will love all the stories and stuff i love them anyway haha. Yea let me tell you a little bit about my area before i go. Carmichael is a nice area with like half rich half poor. There was a stabbing a couple streets down from us about a week ago and people smoke weed freely here, However the people are super accepting of the gospel we get as a zone about 100 baptism a year on average i think is what they said our goal as a mission for the year is 900 somthing we are close. It is filled with really really strong members, we live down the street from a members family in utah just so you know. I hear the sirens here at least 3 times a day haha so its busy not the nicest place but its safer than most haha. OH! how about that eagles game huh? close only winning by 3 points haha. Keep me posted on BYU football and the 49ers! OH! where you putting that money? is it on my card for wells fargo? because i need to buy more supplements and mission medical wont cover me because they suck haha. WEll LOVE YOU! Oh also to show off in this very hilly area i bike about 15 to 20 miles a day needles to say im loosing weight and building leg muscle dunno how they both happen but it does. I also forgot to tell you i outlifted my tongan companion what a lamer right? We did a huge move like huge. This rivaled the old man don fredly move. We only had 4 people too. IT SUCKED but i was able to work harder and longer than my comp so i felt really happy with that and i was not even to sore the next day just really sore that day which made biking a trip haha. We also got to talk to a criminal who was "framed" for somethin real big i dunno if she was tellin the whole truth to her but i aint a therapist she seemed really frantic and wanted to talk with the bishop for help and she was less active and moving and her family are a bunch of jerks and what not so we helped her i gave her 2 bucks and yea thats the last i heard from her i saw her talking to the bishop though so thats good!  its an interesting place here. Oh! another thing! make a play list of all the new music i will love so i can listen to it on the way home at the end of my mission ok? i mean it promise me you will!

Kate- happy to hear all is well with you and friends and hope it continues that way. How is the project i gave you to be hanging out with megan goin? If i forgot to give it to you im givin it to you now :)She needs a break from school. (yes i know megan your reading this haha) I am sad that gracie died does meg know? if not she does now. I hope all goes well with you and the Nazi :) im only jokin though germans are cool. if you want you can say Ich hebe (haba) Kien geld (gelt)  It means i have no money! tell coleman and nesbit to send me a letter! i miss them both tell them i think they are the best teachers i ever had honestly and they were a great influence to me and that i miss my talks with coleman.  well im outta here love ya keep me posted! hope all goes well with homework DONT SKIP LUNCH FOOD IS IMPORTANT! :) Also yes im keeping a journal ill let you read it when im home its pretty cool.

Kevin- i love those songs and now they are stuck on my head! Also yes i can ride my bike with no handle bars all the way to the church ahha. Also funny thing my comp said our church was super packed and it was half of what normally shows up in our home ward haha. I love ya kev just sayin! im unhappy to hear about dad selling the bed that was the best bed in the history of ever!!!!! Yea sad day about my room ill miss it haha. yea mission is super good and it helps me a lot honestly. I'm getting a lot of cool experiences though I know im home sick and probably always will be but this is a trial that must come to pass ill learn to quit being a freakin baby and suck it up haha. I also love that conference is coming up but honestly those are the worst haha anything we had family traditions i try and avoid haha. so hollidays and conference will probably be hard but at the same time i will love the talks now that im paying attention to ALL OF THEM haha. Biking is not so bad here other than bikes get stolen so freaking often haha. I LOVE MY BIKE so its pretty cool. Oh super cool thing make sure everyone in the fam knows our ward has had 100% home teaching for 11 months and continuing make sure crescent 18th starts that if it dont happen when im home im going to make changes haha. They do some cool stuff! our bishop is also our 1st councilor in the stake presidency for now they aint released him as bishop yet i think its funny haha. Well keep me posted on your life movies music all that stuff. LOVE YOU BYE! Send me moms mix of music ok? ill have president ok for me make sure its in CD form though.

Dustin/Lisa/Nephews- Sorry i cant see the pictures it wont let me you have to put them up how dad has put his up. I cant even get onto the blog yall got set up for me i dont think. Im excited to see it when i get home though so thats cool. Thank you for the support from all yall its super cool! I hope your practicing star craft with mike stewart so you guys can beat me when i get home haha.  I hope i can see those pictures next time! i do love you and your family its amazing to talk about them :) i love all the things you all did for me and the example you set. I look at the fam picture everyday its hanging up with moms obituary i keep on me. These things give me a powerful testimony and i use it often.especially to investigators like trent who have no selfworth at all they dont care about themselves (his brother as well) they are sad to see but i love going over there and talking with them they read and explain it to me they love the messages. they are super cool sadly i cant teach them after our next lesson because they belong to the YSA elders (curse them haha) So the next lesson will be introducing them to the YSA elders and following up on our commitments to them.  well i love you and miss you all bye!!

IN GENERAL- Hey people who aint sent me letters or E-mailed me need to ok? ok good! i hope all is well with you friends! i miss every single one of my friends and i think about you every day im not even joking. i hope your all ok since i aint heard from most of you. brandon, valarie, mike stewart, mike tomlinson, and much more... im not pointing fingers ;) i miss yall and hope to hear from you make sure all letters are sent to my california address that is the address to the mission office not my home address just so you know. also mike stewart you should mail me back!! :) :) i promise i dont bite very hard but you do know i bite haha.  well i got to go love you all bye bye!! see you in 15 transfers or 21 fast sundays which ever you prefer to think about :)

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