Monday, February 11, 2013

Zack prays in Tongan!

dad-  those are awesome stories! look up conversion of a catholic priest its an amazing conversion story it raelly is, its changed my mission. i have some bad news though, could i get 100 dollars transfered to my account :( because of my companions mistake getting the car towed i have to pay 100 dollars of the 350 dollar fine :(  you will be happy to hear im driving the car now :) against the wishes of the district leader but im tired of being in fight or flight all day long haha! as for cookieseption that sounds yummy :) and i want one haha! also this week has been a lot better! i was hit in the face with an ironing boared but it was a nerf war so its ok i forgave and forgot :) i did get the package thank you so much for it!!! i love it and its helpful! so those NFL players i play rugby with gave me two nicknames because im getting good at it :) its "larsen&fire" and "luke staley" so i love those guys they make me laugh and they are finding machines, they find all of our investigators for us now :) i was able to give the pray in a meeting and they though i was going to in english but i wanted to show them how hard i was trying to learn the language and how i am trying to respect them and their culture so i said a pray in my heart and thought what i was going to say and prayed out loud in tongan and they were really happy with me and impressed and they said for only 3 weeks in the wrd your doing great and you know more than your companion haha! they told my comp next tiem he ahs to say it in tongan haha! but im happy it worked. oh big story, we were driving and i saw some guy flat out on the street and so we stopped and i tried to get him medical help, we had the medics comin and everything but really this person was trying to kill herslef, she tried to drink bleech and then ran out in the street to get hit by a car and we gave her a blessing and she just was laying there and started crying and the medics came and we left, so we are going to stop by the family to see what happened this week but it was really cool. well i love you all so much, you are all so great to me!!! bye!!!! oh also we had more shaminism encounters and they were interestingly funny and weird. they dance funny when they summon spirits of their ancestors.

kate- well kate i aint got much time but i love ya and your stories!  tell the teachers to mail me soon please and i need their address so i can mail them when you leave :) nesbit and coleman thanks so much for your help! kate your a great sister and thanks for always being nice to me :) im excited to see how your scholorship works out!  your a smart girl. keep up your education and all you do! i love you! if i can do anything to help you let me know!  :) :) keep me posted on your lif and stay SAFE OK!?

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