Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zack stays Tongan!

kevin- yea im still kinda sick, i got a fever back jsut this morning but im still just going to work, my stomach hurts and i cant eat much which sucks in a tongan ward but im ganna make the best out of my situation. life sucks and then you die haha! i like the way you see that scriptures thats helpful and i agree 100% with it! like i need to learn to eat with hmongs and vegetarians because a lot of our inv's are 7th day Adventist and they live by some health code where they dont eat meat :( anyway the work is hard but great and the language is comin along well. im learning a lot of words relating tot he gospel and to food i figure those are the important ones ;)  like na 'a ku kai is a good one (i already ate) or oku ou lea faka-tonga siesi pe, koe faka osi ( i know a little bit of tongang, but its kind of a joke) :) well i love ya man and i wont behold the mote that is in thine eye because i dont want to behold the beam that is in my own my favorite saying in this apartment is when we get upselt with someone asking lots of questions or WHY questions i just turn around and yell I DONT KNOW DAD! AM I MY BROTHERS KEEPER? its pretty fun. i almost yelled that at the nurse int he ER haha! i held myself back, i figure even when your dying you got to have a snense of humor or you will die sad haha! well love ya! ofa 'atu!

dad- i have been hearing a lot about utah, makes me trunky but tongans love going to utah all the time. i have only seen ym ward mission leader once since i been here because he is always in utah haha! anyway sorry to hear about jordan but keep em seperate. DONT PAIN THE RED ROOM! its supposed to be the redroom! tell me you kept the dead reeth above the fire place? anyway as for parker i know that he is going to make the choice that is right for him. i would rather he not serve in the marines because i wanna come home to that kid and hang iwth him. i love him and whatever choice he makes i know he will do good at. while im not 100% obedient i am not as far as some here the go hot tubbing and watch the dark knight haha! missionaries have lots of rap music haha kinda funny but im not here to judge i just want to work hard and have fun which i do. i accidentally put a hole in our door but its a tongan missionary apartment and already had 12 holes haha! as for my condition, my fever came back today and they think its a viral GI thing but they never told me anything for sure. im going back infor testing haha! im tired of being poked and proded haha! anyway transfers came in and my prayer is answered my comp is being taken from me and im staying as a JR comp to a native tongan named elder kolomatangi! he i hope is a hard worker but we will see haha the tongan elders are pretty relaxed on following rules and working in general haha! i could use the help in language study though! so time for some ghetto storries, first off del paso heights or DPH i learned can mean Deepest Part of Hell :) also we saw a naked homeless man tanning in the church parking lot and he came up to us and said he didnt want to bike to the beach to get some sun so dont judge haha! also i heard a story of a guy running down the street and another guy chasing him with a shotgun and then they surrounded the mission apartment with cops and medics and dogs yelling COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP NOW!!!!! and they finally got the guy haha meanwhile a massive text went out and said to all missionaries between certain streets to get out now because there is a gang fight going down on the streets the hmong elders were in that area and they said we are here and we are going to see the investigator regardless and when they were leaving they saw 2 cars speeding down with people holding a blue bandana out the car and guns haha! sadly elder moua my hmong elder friend is being transferred to stockton :(  oh well we found some new investigators they are vegetarians because they are 7th day Adventist but they are cool and smart in the bible, im stupid inthe bible so i need to study more and study on the sabbath haha! im excited the area is really picking up and members are starting to work with us a lot :) we could have some baptisms hopefully! another story this guy was yelling at us as we aproached him say hey! dont come near me, im the devil ya here! i hate you guys! stop, i dont want that card from you! and we kept walking and when we got to him he took the card and said  dang dawg you got some balls we need people like you haha! i love the ghetto! these guys are great! i learned tongans are good at pool we play beat ya teach games with tongans if i win in pool we get to teach em! i win sometimes but not always, im better at basketball haha! anyway i love yall so much and you guys are great! oh and just bately we got a call from the hmong ward to bless a house, i aint ever done that but since im with elder moua and away from my comp i get go do it! exciting right?

kate- well kate your growin up faster than i would like but i guess that happens haha! i know your going to do great with EFY and with your chem program thats super cool your doing that! i love ya muchly! as for continuing tongan language, i would love to keep learning it and im going to continue learning it! get coleman and nesbit to write me and get me their address so i can continue to write them when you leave high school :) as for me getting better i am trying to haha! my fever came back which is no fun but just work it off right? as for you goin out and experiencing new places, STAY AWAY from teh ghetto it aint safe for young great girls like you! i know you will love EFY live it up! hope all is well and ENJOY PROM!!!!!!! its super fun just go all out on it and live it up haha! i love ya!!

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