Monday, February 4, 2013

Zack plays rugby with 300 lb tongans!

by the way the way shamanism people dance funny. and we watched a lindsey sterling video on and i thought of your deal with jason and i laughed :) anyway love ya tell jason to write me. i didnt get any mail this week sadly :(

On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 1:43 PM, Zachary Larsen <> wrote:
DAD- well my language study is going well and im excited to work here! i had a rough week but i sent it in a letter just for you :) as for tongan culture like tahitian culture you are correct. however one thing wont change, they are embarrassed to feed white kids in their home so they give us money every day to get food so we get some extra cash on the side which is cool :) as for rugby some cool things happened. We gave a blessing to a famous rugby player on the sacramento lions and i play rugby with two NFL players one on the saints team and the other with the chargers. I am sad the the 49ers lost its was crazy in the streets out here when they did haha! thats how we instantly knew they lost haha! im doing well in rugby but i messed up my feet real bad palying haha i got pics of it for ya! Playing against 6"8 340 pound tongans is hard when your just a palangi haha! i have scored 7 or 8 tris (touchdowns) and im doing well because i squirm through the players haha! i am happy to report that i stopped rapping but all i get to listen to now sicne im with a hick companion is country music and sadly its rubbing off on my, ill do my best to resist haha!! thanks for the supplies i can use em :) especially those ace wraps right about know haha! as for the shamanism i get to go in the area again soon so im excited to see what happens! time for del paso heights ghetto sight for the week :) we saw a guy on a street corner lighting a cig with a magnifying glass and he successfully did it and i was laughing super hard haha!  i know if i work hard we will get a baptism out here and it will be awesome! there is a huge kava problem out here so it prevents a lot of people from baptism :(  also my comps driving is HORRIBLE i almost died 3 times haha he has run 2 red lights just zoned out and in those occasions a semi almost hit us and a truck almost hit us also he got the car towed away and he ran a stop sign haha!!! this guy is going to kil me im trying to be a very alert co driver haha! well i love you all very much!!! and some guy said he wanted to cover me in jesus blood to protect me because im his brother in christ so that was cool i guess i dont like the idea of anyone covering me in blood though, i thought only peta did that anyway. :) LOVE YOU ALL!!! take good care of chinchy!

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