Monday, February 25, 2013

Jers is DL!

Soooooooo........ This week has been a fun one hahaha I'm still being made humble, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Going on 12 days without solid food, but I have almost no other symptoms, its crazy. I've been to the ER twice and all they have done was try and hook me up with narcotics.. I'm like "hey, my throat hurts cause I can't stop throwin up" and then they are like "so you want a medical card for pot or narcotics?"... not quite exactly said that way but its what it came down to.. hahahahahaha So I dunno, I don't feel like I have the flu, but I just can't eat solid food. It's whateves, I'm on the celebrity diet of the century! New news for the Transfer- I'm stayin in my area and I'm the new District Leader! HORRAY..... PAPERWORK..... Pretty much I think President saw that I got comfortable again and this time he just gave me more work to do. I have to stop getting comfortable in my areas. This week hasn't been to crazy though, I've just been hopping from lesson to lesson, then trying to feel better the rest of the time, so our work has been hindered, and its pissing me off.. just a little. maybe more then a little. Pray for some patience on my part, cause I feel like that's probably whats happening right now, just a trial of my patience. As for Jesse... I have a few ideas.. I miss lil Zoe and Kayla with a gun??? I don't even have my concealed yet, this is crap.... Man the house is full again, we leave, then you add 3 dog and like 30pps, place is gonna be wrecked when I see it again. Welll I love ya padre, this is quite the party out here and I'm lovin every second of it. Hope all is well back at the homestead! Take care until next week. Also sorry for spending so much of the home fund, I've been having to get medicine and all kinds of stuff and its adding up... They tried to make me pay 60bucks for suppositories... I'm thinkin "60 dollars to stick something where.... Nah I'm good on that, i'll just get the melty tabs for like 11 bucks, that sound good to me. Crazyness. One more funny add on, when I told one of our ward missionaries about my sickness, first thing he asked, "what are you pregnant?" Great guy hahahaha. Well I love ya popaa hope all is well and you keep on rockin the home front with Darlene and the animals.
Love Elder Larsen Sr.
Nivek, I can't judge you for not writting me every week cause I didn't the last half of your mission so if I did then I would be going to hell, or something to the affect of hell. However, it is good to hear from you. As for this weeks adventures, its been one. Basically here is the morning. Wake up, Eat, throw up, drink, throw up water, shower, study, study, study, play game out of boarddom (punny), then Eat, then repeat step 3, then go to 2-4 lessons, then Dinner, repeat step 3, then lesson, study, sleep. It's been a madhouse up in here. Speaking of little bits of what our next life will be like we did a lesson on exaltation at church last week, it was kinda fun, didn't know most of it so I learned a lot. So work and school eh... Dates???? hmmm don't get married now.. speaking of marriage, whats Jason up to?? hopefully not what I mentioned right? let me in on the nitty gritty brosef. As for Elderly Wisdom... I dunno, I understand some of Isaiah now, thats cool, I think its cool at least. Ummmm what else, I can't think of much right now, my brain is all kinds of not here right now its just a bummer, next week I'll give ya some cool thoughts and such. Well Kev I love ya man, its great to hear from ya and I hope all is well with you and such. Come up to Oregon sometime and lets party hard hahahahahahahaha like I party anymore.... Or do I..... Guess you will have to come see. Speakin of that if you have any advice on DistrictLeader things and such I would appreciate it. Also how's the homestead these days with you, is it an adventure.. Also Check out this website, I'm sending you and Jason some cool stuff soon. (the website is stuff made by a member in this ward.) Love ya! See ya man
Elder Larsen Sr.
Kaite Sue Bug Susan Keitheburg McSlaughlin
Lia eating poo, that doesn't happen shes a dog come on Katie!! Get your head out of the clouds you crazy pants You sound like you are becoming to old and stuff, you should still want to go play on the swings and such... Stop growing up woman!!!! It's not allowed. I encouraged your growth at first but I feel like you are becoming mad with power! hahahaha I love ya kate, It sounds like life is really plugging along for you, I hope all continues to go well for ya! I have been trying to tell my body to stop doing what its doin but its not listening unfortunately. I'm sorry to cut ya short on this I've gotta run now! I'll hit ya up tomorrow or something if I can. I love ya Kate, You keep on rockin it and don't grow up to much on me, you will always be my baby sister!
Love, Elder Larsen Sr.

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