Monday, February 18, 2013

Zack visits the Sacramento ER :(

haha yea the NFL players went away to start practice again sadly but i still play with the other tongans anyway!yea im semi teaching in tongan now haha prayign in tongan is getting easier i figured megan was planning somethin but the whole family is in on it? just realize i still got 1 and a half great years left :)  as for that girl ont eh street, we aint been able to get ahole od the fam but we didnt try very hard we got swamped with lots of stuff this week.  my adventures this week consist of elder lawrance almost killing me when he drove again, he turned the wrong way on a one way street in south sac haha! we also caught some thieves, we saw them breaking in so we waited and then "contacted" them as missionaries acting like we saw nothing. we got thier names a return a address and a great description haha! that was cooL! i also was with the hmong people again, no shaman stuff but really crazy food, a chicked claw and skull and soem weird floating stuff haha! it was actually pretty good except the chicken claws. transfers are coming up next week so my Pday is on tuesday!  as for your brown drink, i would stick with the brown. Remember if its yellow let it mellow if its brown flush it down :) well i would have never thought that would work out with joy and riddle boy but hey thats awesome! and becca going to ohio thats awesome! im excited when does she leave? STAY AWAY FROM THE GREEN DRINK i had one once at jamba juice its call wheat grass and its CRAP!!! i mean i have to slay the slang so ill say it in tongan PAKA! so yea :) lastnight was intense, i went to the ER with a heart rate of 225 and on average about 130 they said i may have an obstruction in my intestines or apendisitis so they said come back when i get worse and take these pain meds so you can function so that was not so fun it turned my 6 hour wait into a get in the to the doctor NOW! well i lvoe you!!! hope all is well! i love my area and i love all the tongans and the area is picking up so im excited well LOVE YOU!

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