Monday, February 11, 2013

Grillin, chillin and the gospel

Padre! Well this week has been nuts, literally though, if it wasn't for the amount of energy my protein shakes give me in the morning (Whey protein, ALOT of Peanut Butter, Bananas, Milk) I wouldn't have the energy to get through the day. I'm glad that its a question that many have.. I figured out an answer to it this week I think, could be similer to the one you had. Through reading and pondering I think that the answer is that if we do everything, I mean EVERYTHING that you can, then the lord will do his part and then its up to them. So I asked myself if I'm doing everything, and the answer I feel is yes. This area is a tough one, everyone is in the low of their life and no one likes to be told what to do. (Sounds like someone I know......karma is a jerk sometimes hahaha) We have two investigators that are really progressing though and I'm excited for them so pray for them if you could. As for the Chowder.... remember that Salmon Chowder I made with the shrimp and scallop scampi? That stuff was so bomb! I wish I could have  heard Masters and Lyon's conversion stories, I'll get it outta them later haha. I had the coolest lesson this week also. So we went over to a LA guy who we are working with to get his Priesthood. He is a great guy, one of the greatest guys I know. We go over and he's grilling... SOOO... I help him grill on his porch of the apt, and then we go in watched a few bible videos with his kid and ate steak and rice. Lesson over. I want to have lessons like that always hahaha Work might not progress but hey, at least once a week I'm down with that haha I'm glad to hear that everything in the home is going well for ya'll! keep on workin out padre, I'm playing racquetball every week now and I'm getting good... well at least I think so haha It's actually a fun game, who woulda thought right? Well from the sound of things everything is rockin at home! Ask Jason about that letter? haven't heard from him or Kev in a bit. I'm calling them to repentance! CHANGE IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST! maybe a bit sacrilege.. I dunno you judge. I love ya'll, I hope that all is well and from the sound of it things are. btw I work out like a Marine EVERY MORNING! We got a work out dvd thing and its awesome, no girls so it's approved, and it busts my butt. The pull up bar is nice because its part of the circuit that is in it so thanks for that! I've put on 10 pounds but its good weight, at least I think it is>.> Basically, everything is rockin out here, I'm loving life and things are better then ever! I hope things are for you guys as well. Tell kev and jas to hit me up sometime in the coming weeks if they got time. I love ya'll!!
Elder Larsen Sr.
Kaite Sue Bug Susan Keithburg McSlaughlin!
Stop overachieving! You're making me look bad haha You're the boss of all bosses from the sound of it Kate! 900 bucks! holy cow! Mrs. Coleman hooked it up. Definitely gonna be someone you remember next christmas on the card list you got haha As for the crazy hispanic woman, what you do in that situation is this, its the best way to react! Smile. Then totally kiss butt, she will feel like such a.. go to Numbers 22:21 and its word 9. Seriously if you let those people get to you then they win, so smile be calm and just suck up. Then they feel like a fool with their pants on the ground hahaha.. (popaa if you read this part well be proud I got this idea from you (in case you didn't already recoginize this worldly wisdom) I apply it everyday now haha). Did you say that you were playing MINECRAFT? NOOOOOO! Bullcut and I leave and you are left to your own devices! That game is of the Devil!.....................Actually I have no idea what it is, so.... I've hear and seen a lot of people playing that one so enjoy I guess haha I really hope that you get that solo, if this happens, tell padre to go by an HD camera and film it so we can watch it one day! You are just going above and beyond huh Well I love ya so much and I'm so proud to have you as a sister, you're rockin the home front! Hope everthing is going well for ya and just keep up what you are doing! You won't regret the work you're putting in now. You're preparing yourself for the real world and I know that you will be blessed by doing what you are doing. Don't forget your scripture study! at least 15min a day and pray, It'll make the day better everytime. You should read 1peter 1, that's a great chapter! Well Kate I love ya!

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