Monday, March 4, 2013

Jeremy directs his first District meeting!

Hey padre! Well we have had a great week this week, my first D-Meeting went well and the district I'm in looks to be on the rise, so I have a lot to be excited about. I'm gonna be honest with ya, talking with you on the phone just seemed wrong hahaha When she asked me to call you all I said was "well I wouldn't feel guilty about doing it but I'm not sure if I really want to." Nothing against you or anything but its just seemed off hahaha Darlene it was awesome to talk to you, sorry I had to keep it completely business but I had to. I really hope to be getting over this stupid GI problem but I won't be into the doctors for another two weeks it seems..... Kinda distant and the thought of throwing up everything for the next two weeks sounds pretty crappy.... I'm not to pumped about that so pray for some weight gain on my part or something because they've hooked me up with everything that they can think of for now. I'll make sure to add you to my HIPPA form don't worry about that. Sooo Alexi is not cross country skiing? and so are you? Look at you two, all grown up and trying new things!! Sounds like all of you are as active as ever! Stay that way, I need some competition in some B-Ball! and Racquetball. Unfortunately I haven't been able to play much of either the last 3 weeks because of my stupidity. As for Kates date whats up with nothing good happens after midnight??? HAHAHAHAHA im just kidding! Coming from me that's just ridiculous. After Midnight is when the real party starts everyone knows this! Well Padre I love ya, and even though it felt funky calling you it was great to hear from ya. I love you and I hope that all is well on the home front! I hear much of the home front is changing? "My Grandfather informs me that this is not possible" (think about that quote and tell me the movie) I love that show.... LOVE IT! well i love all ya'll. Til next week, Love, 
Elder Larsen Sr.
 Kaite Sue Bug Susan Keithburg McSlaughlin,
What the hay!! Didn't I say something about you not getting old and stuff last week! hahahaha If you want a bf you must first have him send me a letter concerning all episodes of Fireflyand just what he thinks about it. After that he must send in a form discussing his thoughts on the HP movies compared to the books. I'll think of a few other things but for now that will do. As for the engagment movie, that is awesome, find it on Youtube (because it will be on Youtube) and save it so I can see it one of these days. I've never been to that Garden thing at the top of the JS building I'll have to hit that up one of these days, sounds bomb. As for something delicious you need to go find Cookie Butter, it's bad for your health but it tastes really good on pancakes. You find it next to the peanut butter, go get some, it'll change our life. Aggies is the way to go! Of all the Universities in Utah that one and UVU are some good ones, but so is UofU and BYU, but hey go with cheap, that's what I'm gonna do haha I'm glad that you had a fun time at Youth Conference! those were always fun. EFY will be bomb, have a lot of fun and meet some cool pps. What are you going to be doing down there?? I came out with an Elder from Flagstaff, he's a pretty chill guy. I bet that you will have a lot of fun! Well I hope that you're doing well. Did you get the solo for your performance? how are things goin with school?? Well I love ya Kate til next week!
Elder Larsen Sr.

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