Monday, March 11, 2013

Zack is better, whew!

DAD- well im glad the pics and vids got there, its 3 transfers worth of stuff so i hope there is enough to keep you busy! as for this transfer its great! im no longer sick and eating like a tongan again :) i am still tourturing rodents with blow dart guns :) i am also excited to hear about the callings and the pics you sent were great!!!! im happy for jason but tell him ill never approve of her until he freaking writes me that kid is in trouble. i have gotten more letters from ALL my friends than him and i have only gotten 1 letter from parker :) i got a machette from a member and im excited to play with it :) i spent all personal study sharpening it :) kinda apostate of me but oh well its Pday :) as for apostate music i went on several exchanges in the area including in my car and the music is nutso! from emenem to the format to RED to Tupac man i have heard crazy apostate music but at least its not like it use to be with hottubing missionaries haha! our ZL's are great and are really cracking down on disobedience! i love our Zl's they are funny we go to mongolian BBQ a lot with them im getting fat from it. my virus took away some weight though i went from 185 to 179.8 :) so i  can gain some again :) well how are my animals doing? i miss them! i love yall so much and i miss you guys! i have a request, i need that thing that flushes your ears my ear is suck right now please send it ASAP :( my tongan is getting better so im happy im able to kinda teach i understand more than i can speak though! well love ya!!!!!!

Kate- well im glad you liked the movie i heard a lot about it here i wanna see it so get it on DVD ok? as for cooper tell him that i miss that kid i love him and even though he is moving ill still be apart of his family reguardless so no worries! TELL HIM THAT :0 im sorry ya miss me but your not to overestimated, im at 8 months i think so thats pretty close!  im glad you had fun at prom i know you deserve that! i miss ya too though! you are amazing sister keep it up ok? keep me posted on everything alright? know that im havin fun out here and the mish is worth it for sure! tell meg that img oing to send another letter to her because she aint got it so dont worry about writting me again :) ill send it again i love ya!

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