Monday, March 4, 2013

Zacks Advise - never tract out a drug dealer while he is in the middle of a deal

dad- i love ya'll as for feeling better, i felt like was doin better and pain was down so i played rugby and then starting spitting up blood everywhere so took a rest and am going to try again today :) my new comp is freakin great i love him! i am learning a lot more tongan with him here and im teaching him english. we have a cople baptisms this month and we are excited and just havin fun! i recomend not contacting a drug dealer in the middle of a drug deal and then i also recomend not trying to sell him a drug called salavation and a type of weed called the spirit get it, THG and then THC the holy ghost is THG :) yea they just yell at you haha! we are rockin north sac we are killin it! we love it here and we are having a lot of fun. as for prom that is great and i love the pic make sure that jason shoots and cleans the gun at least once while im out, im almost a year out so get to it! jason needs to freaking write me!!!!!!!! i aint heard from him yet! i want that daed reeth to be there when i get home ok? please?? its my request :) as for that guy who gave talks that sounds super cool! i support that! i really wish we could keep everyone active! i think through good powerful firesides we can help the less active and the semi active. well i love you! i hope all is well! keep me posted on everything ok? LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

Kate- im glad you had a lot of fun at prom you deserve it and im glad you went where we went  for my prom! i bet meg was excited! well i love you i dont have a lot of time to write you im sorry. I do think its awesome you had fun at a prom and for yous erving a mission i think its great thtat thats soemthin your workin towards. I love ya! i miss ya! as for the guy if he dont treat you right ill come home and kill him! i love ya! i know that god is with you and that all will be well. try to keep the house as similar as you can ok? i dont want it to be too different. I love ya. keep me posted on the life of my wonderful sister kate :) i love the pics! i love you!! bye!!! keep on coleman and nesbit please adn tell coleman i will visit her first thing i get home and that im alright!

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