Monday, March 18, 2013

Jeremy Busts a lesson record! (and flyfishes??)

Well another day in Springtucky! It's been a very very exhausting week haha I've been on exchanges twice and I beat my lesson record by 3 as of this week. By the end of this transfer I'll blow her outta the water. At church our WML came up to us, sat down, and said "Elders... Go take a nap.." hahahaha By Sunday I'm so burnt out its crazy haha The ward here is so sick, the day I have to leave is really really gonna blow.. I've got way to many homies here to leave. This Sunday was awesome though, we had 5 investigators all at church for Jeremy Shaw's farewell (Sad to see him go). Every which way we turned everyone was throwing referrals at us, it was awesome. But again, I'm just wasted, all I wanna do is take a nap, so I probably will today hahahaha YAY FOR PDAY! Ashley is getting married soon?? what the hay? I'm missing something fors sure, or I forgot.. I'm lame like that I forget stuff. I dunno how the GI thing is gonna go but I'll let ya know. If it's an Ulcer then I'm screwed.... No Ibuprofen for life? my legs have been killin me w/o it so I'm gonna have to figure something out if this turns out to be an Ulcer. Pray for an Ulcer though, if its a Hernia that'd be lame, I'd be stuck with that for life. I dunno though, I don't feel super super stressed, I think I was a wee bit more stressed when I was going through court and jail and such, but hey who knows. I am looking forward to eating again though, it'll be pretty nice to be able to do that. Annie reminds me of a verse in 2nep 4.... that poor dog, no love.. I'm glad that Kimmers is being nice now, thats pretty cool, maybe she'll be tame when I see her again... not likely hahaha As for the golf and stuff... I'm very jealous..... I want to play golf. Can I play golf? not a chance! But I can learn how to fly fish in a trailer park HAHAHA Welcome to SPRINGTUCKY! I love this place, I bet only 4 people alive have learned how to flyfish in a trailer park. I win. Well I'm gonna go do what I mentioned before and go take a nap I'm just out of it so if this message doesn't make sense or something well then I'll try and make more sense next week ahahaha. Well I love ya'll and sorry Kate for not gettin a message to ya, I love you and appreciate hearing from you every week .You guys keep me going! Love ya
Elder Larsen Sr.

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