Monday, March 25, 2013

Jers Baptism :)

Hey Padre! Sound's like ya'll have had a pretty good week! Thanks for the compliment, I know that I'm beautiful hahaha I'm excited to get that Rx cause man with out my candy I'm dyin haha I seriously muffed myself up pretty good over the last few years. I fear for my 30's.... I'm excited for a care package! I can't think of to much that I need other then some Garments. I gonna need some cash for the last time for some medicine and for a few other things. I'm sorry for burning through so much over the last little bit but I've been trying to stay as healthy as possilbe and I'm havin a really rough time keepin my body 100% I'm lucky to have such an awesome ward around me right now, they've been helping out the best they can. I really appreciate all the support and love I feel from all of you. This week was awesome for us, we found an awesome family to start teaching and we had a baptism. Annie Wilde was baptized by her dad on the 23, it was awesome! Gary has been working on becoming worthy to baptize her for a long time now and it's awesome to have been able to be apart of the process for them. I'm glad to hear that Mckayla is doing well, I feel crappy cause I haven't been able to write her yet...... I'm horrible at that stuff. Tell her I love and support her if you get the time. As for the screwtape letters I've been talkin about that book all week haha I really wish I could read that out here... Oh well ha This week has been a straight up sprint for us. I have been on exchanges working with other missionaries and trying to prep a baptism and all this other stuff... We've still been keepin up the hard work and have taught more then we did last week. The members here are so awesome, I love being able to work with them. Its going to be really tough if I have to leave here anytime soon. Well I love ya padre! Tell Darlene I love her and hope all is well! ofa atu!
Elder Larsen Sr.

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