Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jers close to lesson record per week!

Well now I feel like a really really crappy son.... Didn't even remember to write on my own padre's B-day..... I'm really horrible at writing people back and remembering important dates... If I"m not focusing on it or have someone remind me of it I just won't remember... I'm going to be lame and cop out by saying its cause of how busy we are... Which is kinda true. I have to be the one that writes everything down and I have to remember everything cause Caswell is pretty ADD hahahaha Love him but he just can't focus and when he can't focus he wants to sleep, so he likes to sleep a lot haha Regardless, Happy Birthday popaa I love ya man and I hope that your B-Day rocked! It looks like ya'll had a whole bunch of fun! Now with the busy thing... We have taught over 20 lessons a week for the past 8 weeks.... I'm encroaching on a record that I set when I was with Tammy, I'll let you know when I beat it. Tammy hit me up again and he said that he really appreciated the letter from ya. Also this coming week one of my homies is coming into ya'lls neck of the woods! Jeremy Shaw, he's the Bishops son in this ward. He's an awesome guy, he's going to Brazil for his mission but he is waiting on his Visa so he has to go to the Provo MTC. Sooooooo.......... Hook up a brotha's friend is what I'm sayin. He's pretty bummed about not being able to go straight to Brazil so if ya'll could go see him when he comes to Utah that'd be sick. I'll give you more details when I know more next week. As for the doctor I'll be seeing... Dr. Khoi Tran:Cascade Endoscopy Center LLC, 1007 Harlow Rd Suite 110 Springfield, OR 97477  (541) 726-8882 (Office),
(541) 284-1600 (Office). I'll be seeing him today so I'll let ya know whats up. I'm pretty excited to finally figure all of this out. Soon as this is all said and done I'm hitting up a buffet, HOME TOWN BUFFET!!!!! THAT'S RIGHT BE JEALOUS THEY STILL HAVE ONE IN OREGON!!!! HAHAHAHAHA....... i win.... name that show? I still haven't been able to keep stuff down, I know that some is getting through otherwise I would be dead so I'm not to worried. I've lost a whole lot of weight still.. It's depressing, I weigh about as much as bullcut and that's just not okay with me... Makes me want to cry sometimes when I think about it. As for the house changes... I'm okay with whatevs when it comes to that, as long as the wreath and the picture of the girl are not moved. They must remain or by the power and authority that I hold..... wait I was about to get pretty sacrilege. ANYHOO... If they go don't throw them away I will carry them to another place where they can be happy. Just remember what happened in all of those horror movies when something cursed was taken from its resting spot..... or the mummy remember what happend when they opened the box? just sayin... hahaha Darlene is gonna rock the boat in the miamaids I'm sure! Its good to hear that things are moving forward back on the home front, next thing to happen is you will be Bishop, just you wait man, just you wait. If the LOTRO thing happens then ya'll have to promise me that we will do the same going up to kings when the day comes (*that is far far in the future) that we meet again. The Elder I'm with now is going home soon, so I keep on reminding him that he won't be going home soon because he's got way to much to do here now, thats why everything involving home is far far far in the future. I'm gonna have to look for Kevin now!!! that'll be awesome to see lil budger kickin it old school on tv! tell him to get that mullethawk that I was gonna get! DO IT! As for Jason, tell him to write me soon, haven't heard from him in a minute.. I need to write Mckayla... I SUCK AT WRITTING PEOPLE BACK!!!! Also turns out its a good thing I left Roseburg when I did hahaha I have a lil fan club down there of the opposite gender that really could've gotten me in trouble. I have a problem with pride as it turns out, this didn't help much at all..... Well I love ya'll and Its good to hear you are doing well! happy B-day again! Tell everyone hey for me and give the dog and Sammy a lovin for me if you could! Also, get Chinchy and the rabbit  to kick it together she needs a friend! Love ya, I'll hit you up!
Elder  Larsen Sr.
   Kaite Sue Bug Susan Keithburg McSlaughlin

First of all... CONGRATS!!! That is so awesome that you got the solo Kate! This must be filmed and I must see it when it is done! I'm so proud of you Kate that really is a huge accomplishment! One of my investigators is a musician, he's a guitarist, pretty heavy metal stuff hahaha The fellowshipper that we found for him is super chill also. He is the singer and guitarist for a metal band. He sings (Screams) like an animal. He's something else to hear, makes me wish I could go to the concerts he holds cause they kill it from what I hear. So if you got straight A's how did your grades falter a little bit? I don't understand hahahaha Kate I love ya and I wish I had more time to write. You're something else and the lord has blessed you so much. Thanks for being an example to me, keep it up! I love ya.
Elder Larsen Sr.

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