Monday, March 18, 2013

Zack casts out evil...

dad- well that sucks haha! no instacares in my area so we will see what happens.thats cool that kev is singing, ill look for him! im excited to hear about RED's album! i wanna hear it so bad! as for my chinchy baby girl im so excited i love her and i miss her so so bad! along with the cat and the dog!! i want and miss pets! thats cool about getting to know the family! if i have gained a testimony and understanding of anything out here its family. families need to stay close together! the ghetto is really hard on me sometimes. i see these broken homes, kids that are cursing and talking about their dads in jail for drugs and homeless everywhere. often times we can make a joke about it and have a good laugh but lately its been hard on me seeing kids and people in this kind of condition. i just want them to have a better life. anyway, i got some vids of my ground fighting a UFC guy, i won 1 of the 3 and we are going again today after rugby so you might like those vids :) we met a guy who claimed to be a prophet and then destroyed his doctrine and replaced it with Christs and it was funny we asked him so your a prophet? he said yes i said you seen jesus? he said yes i said did you talk to him? he said yes i said did you see god the father? he said no then i said i thought you were teaching that he was the same person and he just stayed silent it was funny! another funny story is my comp has bad english and this member made a joke about him and he said what does that mean? and the member said its ok im just giving you a hard time and my comp is like a hard time? why? i dont need a hard time! i was laughing so hard!! some more news is that our apartment complex caught on fire which was pretty cool! i also borke my pinky burnt my hand to the second degree and went def in my right ear so thats fun! its ok all will be well!! we also casted out an unclean spirit, its a cool story. this person we were teaching was drinking again it was a relapse so we sat him down and started talking to him and he had a different voice and was being really weird then we heard stomping ont eh floor but we were the only ones there and it got closer and closer and then we said a prayer and the light flickered as we were praying and then when we said amen the light went out and back on then there was no more sounds and our investigators face was lighter and he was not acting weird and we finished our lesson and he stopped drinking again! SUPER COOL! anyway i cant wait to come home to you pops and see how buff your getting with all your working out!~ you got to look fit! im hoping to be fit when i come home im working out every day now haha! my tongan is coming along well but not fluent  :) well thats my week LOVE YA!!! oh get me dave beoduens address please!

kate- hey kate dont burn yourself thats no good ok? well he im glad your writting all these missionaries thats always good motivation to stay active and keep doin stuff. thats cool your running for SBO i bet you can make it! be the first larsen to make it! staying busy is important it helps you stay on the straight and narrow path! i love ya kate! stay up with coleman and nesbit ok? i need their address so i can write the home! also keep my pets happy and healthy! i love you and dont overwork but just stay busy enough :)  keep me posted on everything! love you!!!! hope you liked the pics and vids

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