Monday, March 25, 2013

Zacks latest

dad- yea that sounds like jeremy i guess we are jsut destined to be sick together because i went to get my ear checked out and they cant fid anything wrong other than the fact that im def which makes teaching in tongan fun because they speak fast and quiet since its a lazy language haha!  well im glad that my bro is doing well and that he is not dying so im happy about that! well i didnt do anything really to my broken finger so it healed kinda funny but oh well still playing rugby and such! i hope i can send my UFC videos to you! speaking of rugby and NFL players they had a question. the three of them were wondering if they could stay at the house from the to mon morning for conference? is that ok? if not its all good they were just wondering but hey they are NFL players :) let me know Asap in a letter so i can get the answer faster. well im glad that you are all having fun togethr and mckayala will love her mission for sure, they are a lot of fun. i been a lil stressed this week i dunno why but you know me i jsut randomly get stressed. maybe its my district leader constantly nagging me for every little thing, he kinda drives me nuts haha! uuhh oh can i get caves address please? and i cant believe that kate is 17 thats nuts! they grow up quick haha! how is the weather in utah? its like 80 degrees here :) oh can i get the NBA updates on the thunder and the jazz? we had like an hour conversation on NBA so now im curious :) well i love y'all and miss yall muchly but ill be home sooner than you think.. next week is the last full week then trasnfers are back again. JASON NEEDS TO WRITE ME :) just saying. well i love ya bye!!! oh and that evil spirit thing was scary man i dont like dealing with it haha!

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