Monday, June 3, 2013

Jers gets a new companion and calls the district to repentance!

So this week was a crazy crazy one. Myself and Elder Ewell (one of the ZL's) taught our BofM class. We get at least 16ppl there every Thursday. Its such a cool class, the spirit is always strong. We taught repentance. Day after that I had to teach DMeeting. I called everyone to repentance because they didn't keep a commitment. I was able to let them know that if they aren't willing to keep commitments I give them how can they expect the people they teach to keep commitments? You can't teach further then they are converted. It was pretty fun haha I felt like a jerk at first and some of the sisters almost cried but the spirit came in and by the end of it everyone understood why I did it. It was kind of an object lesson because we were teaching about commitments that day. It got the point across which was cool. Then after that we had a District Leader Training Meeting that I had to go to. Then Gardner got Transfered Sunday. It was just a crazy week. I had no Idea that Gardner was going to leave, it was way outta left field. I was pretty bummed about it really. My new comp is Elder Muir, he's a cool guy. I am pretty excited to get to work with him, he's been out for 5months now. He's from Cottonwood Heights. I wish I could've been their for Ashley's Endowment, that is super cool. I miss the Temple. I'm glad Jason saved that guys life haha That's just crazy that the nurse thought that was a good idea. She might be a wee bit sheltered. Unfortunately for us here a lot of people are dabbling in morphine/heroin. Its really tough to see the families go through dealing with kids that do that. Once again, My B for messin around with drugs. The Family sounds crazy as ever and I'm lookin forward to hearing about the wedding and all. Tell everyone I love them and miss them. Also today I met my first General Authority. Elder Call. We were asked to go to a funeral for a Sister that died on her mission. She was serving in Michigan. It was an amazing service and it was surprisingly focused a lot on missionary work. It caught me off guard. A lot of people I feel are going to be asking to take the missionary discussions after that. The spirit was so strong and there were a lot of non members there. We were asked to stand and were given a special thanks for the work that we did in helping others come closer to the knowledge  that Iris had been spreading at the time. It was crazy. Again, this was a stressful and crazy week, but I learned  a lot more then I had in a long time. Definitely worth all the hard work. I love ya again and am glad to hear from ya. I'll be trying to find good shoes to buy and get built up so I'll let you know how that goes. Love ya!
Elder Jeremy Larsen

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