Monday, June 24, 2013

Zack and LOTS of service

well I was able to watch the broadcast which was great because we have been pounding that same info to the wards we serve in since day one and they are finally getting it haha! I don't knock on doors here because im in the middle of nowhere and there are no doors to knock on so its purely member work. as for the info on the broadcast we have been informed that in the coming months they are going to phase in the following. facebook privileges and internet teaching from 10 to 3, I pads and I phones and we will be manning church buildings. so that's exciting. uuhh sorry about using the home card this week, we had a financial devastation, all our accounts got drained so I had to but im going to no tuse it for the next few months so yea sorry about that I love you though! also dad I appreciate that letter from the heathcotes, keep that letter. they are some of the best member missionaries I have met. they are always giving us people to teach. I think int he last two weeks they have given us 4 referrals. i miss hiking all i get to do is get a tan and do tons of service out here. im building air craft shelters with 38 metal panels from my feet to mid torso and raise it 18 feet high and then i moved 70 yards of rock with a rake and tractor so that was tough. but yea we are just trying to find people to teach because we don't have a lot but we do have 3 baptisms set up. i think every investigator we add here we have baptized save 1 or 2 :) well i love you all and you need to put more pics on the blog ok? love ya bye!!!!

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