Monday, June 3, 2013

Zack finds a zonkie (donkey/Zebra)

oh man I wanna help slade with his watering systems, im a pro now because I have been putting them in on a 10 acre plot with the member we stay with, the tractor vids were us doing that, digging and filling the trenches after putting the systems in. yea lost of dead animals :) we try to kill the possums around here, they are mean and charge your car they are not smart.  well my comp is way good at basketball which is fun! however my comp is also mega super homesick to the point where he doesn't want to do anything which is tough. I really dunno how to get him talking to people. we will go out and work but he will just space out and say nothing unless I make him teach the whole lesson. so that's tough. I love wilton though its great! we have a neighbor who gets drunk and starts shooting things so it sounds like we are under fire but its not like del paso gun shots because its not at us its Justin the air and such. oh dad I need you to send a pic in the mail one that's printed off and is a pic of me thanks so much I love you! well not much going on we have 3 baptisms coming up and one is a BLACKTISM!!! so im excited about that. I also found some sweet speaker systems so that's cool. and the weird animal you saw is called zonkie :) its a zebra donky I think its funky weird but its cool! I want to ride the zonkie but for now its just tractors. well I hope all is well keep me posted on everything and lemme know what I can do to help yall out! I aint got jasons letter yet :( love ya!!

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