Monday, June 17, 2013

Jeremy and new insights!

YOLA! Ask Kevin about munchkins, its an awesome game, I love it very much. However, the game is gone now, it breaks my heart. We had one of my missionaries get ET'd with his comp because he was gettin a little frisky with one of the laurels... Dang women, and dang Thomas,  I love the kid but I warned him again and again, it totally bummed me out. I wish that I could change his decisions but hey, the joy of the gospel comes from making the right decision not just from doin it. That was my huge discovery of the week. I have been pondering why it was so important that we had our agency and why we didn't just all go for the easy way out ya know? It makes sense sort of because it pleases our Father that we chose his plan but I discovered the true reason I feel. We only get true joy and peace, eternal and today, by choosing to follow Christ's example. If we are forced to do it we don't get the same happiness. If I was forced to send food to kids in Africa I wouldn't get the same warm fuzzy that I would if I did it out of good will towards them. It was a huge discovery for me. I have had so many other life changers since I got out here its kinda blowing me away. I really have felt the spirit working through me in so many ways its just crazy sauce. Another cool experience. Last monday I was having a huge mental block when we were out doing missionary work, I didn't know why. The spirit wasn't with me, it was weird. So I was very frustrated and I was trying to figure out why I wasn't with the spirit. Then at about 9pm something whispered to me "did you read your scriptures this morning", the answer was that I hadn't. It really was a testimony builder for me on how important the scriptures are in bringing the spirit into our lives. I've finally gotten my card back so the charges will slow down on the card. Thank you for helping me out with that. I still need shoes so I'll let ya know how that goes. I love ya padre and hope all is well. Tell everyone that I love them and I'm glad they've had a safe week of lots of travel. Happy fathers day and I really hope that you felt the appreciation that I have for ya. YOu're the man my man. Love ya,
Elder Larsen Sr.

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