Monday, June 24, 2013

Jers and the scriptures!

Also, at the meeting who else loved that parable, so simple. I wish I could speak in super simple parables like a boss. the whole thing was awesome. Our ward is already on top of it anyway though so I've been lovin it. Well I love ya'll and am so appreciative of all that you do for me. Also tell Ammon and Jason and Scotty boy this.. "Very Nice" haha errybody just gettin hitched while we are away, I see how it is. NO LOVE! Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me... No more...
Elder Larsen Sr.

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 12:11 PM, Jeremy Larsen <> wrote:
So ET'd means emergency transfer haha I know right.. Banjo... Banjo!!!! BANJO!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it sounds like ya'll have been having an exciting week. This week has been nuts.. I can't remember any particular thing, but by the end of the week the Lord blessed us with being a part of setting 3 date for baptism, and we were blessed to have 5 investigators at church. A lot of hard work, we really have been bustin tail. El Presidenta got a bit upset cause I was calling Tammy every once in awhile though... I don't know how I feel about being cut down for it, I don't really feel bad about it, but it is against mission rules.. Guess I need to have the desire to feel bad about it first, let the repentance begin. WOO! Well I was really thinkin about talking to president about a few things I felt like were unresolved over this last week. Cause to be frank, I've still got some skeletons in the closet, not gonna lie. But I was thinking about it, talked to a few people about it. So I was really praying and trying to figure out if I had been forgiven already. So I was praying and askin then I went to Sacrament meeting, I was able to pass, and I just felt this super awesome feeling of crazy sauce come over me. I was just thinking that he really didn't need to spell out the answer for me but he did. I know that I am worthy and its a pretty awesome feeling haha I've gained a huge respect for the scriptures, I honestly love reading them now, its just like a good book, I know the stories now and its just become such a casual thing in my life that missionary work is just kinda natural. Honestly its not even a chore anymore, just kinda what I do. I definitely encourage you all to keep hittin up the temple, so that when I see ya again, you can keep me in shape. I'm gonna need all the help I can get to stay on track. I've also reflected back on Kevin's example to me when  he wouldn't take me to the gym on Sunday. I was super pissed, but now lookin back that moment has helped me so much. I know whats right and I can't deny that it is so I have to live it. Its helped me a lot over these last few weeks with my new comp. He's strugglin at times and I'm trying to figure out how to best help him. He's just been homesick and just doesn't have to much of a desire to work. He's a great guy and I love him. Pray for him to get over this little hiccup that he's havin. Well I love ya'll. Pray for the people I'm workin with. It does help. I've found that when prayer is talked about in the scriptures, the word next to it is continually or always. That is a constant. I love ya. Peace hommies!

Elder Larsen Sr.

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