Monday, June 10, 2013

Jeremy puts in 150 miles this week with miracles :)

Wow sounds like this week has been nuts for ya'll! This week has been really crazy here as well. Two more of my friends got ET'd down to Medford, and then another is leaving in a week. All the people I know in my zone are leaving... Its kind of a bummer, but at the same time I'm more focused. I'm really trying to sanctify myself this transfer and just become as focused as I can be without being a total toolshed. I'm not someone who pushes rules I just tell people I'm not doing that and leave it at that haha It works well but one of our ZL's thinks I need to report people when they make mistakes. I told him he should take the beam out of his eye. Straight up went biblical on his face, it was funny. I am being hardcore on myself though, I've felt the spirit more and more each week. Each and every sacrament meeting I've had a super spiritual experience, Its been nuts. I never really knew that there was something I could learn each week at church, but there is, and I have learned something each week. Church really is what you put into it. I want Ashley to know how happy I am for her and Jordan, I wish I could've been there and let them know in person. I hope it was a day you all will remember. Also, as for you being the coolest dad ever you win. Not to snub or be a jerk, but you've kinda got the one up my friend. Tell Jason I still haven't gotten a letter... I wait anxiously every day for it... Tell him and Kev that I love em and miss them. Also funny experience. We were playing munchkins and one of the Elders was trying to destroy me, and I totally threw it all in his face, and got out of it, but then as a last counter he moved it to his companion so he had a lvl 55 beast trying to kill him. The companion freaked out, he was just like "screw this I'm out!!!" He was ticked. But the thing was he had like 3 ways to run away. But he has anger issues. It was funny to watch his reaction, I thought they were going to go fist to cuff in there for a second. It has been a fun and busy week. We've put in at least 50 miles walking and at least 100 biking. We've seen tons of miracles and its been cool. No luck with shoes, but there isnt a good shoe place here. I'll keep lookin, I really haven't been able to get out much. Been way to busy. Well Tell everyone I love them and miss them. Tell Ashley and Jordan congrats!! Peace out ya'll.
Elder Larsen Sr.

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