Monday, June 10, 2013

Lots of baptisms and cement in Wilton!

well sounds like a lot is going on! always something at the Larsen home eh? well sounds like yall are having fun now which is always good! the speeding video was great! I love that guy we pretty much work for him and im probably going to come back and do a lil work for him when I get home and what not. I also had a member offer to sell me his ranger :)  so im going to get that. well im happy to say that all is going well as far as missionary work goes. we got a baptism this week and 2 in july and 1 more comin up! I have had a baptism once a month since april I believe so im happy about that I just need it to continue so I can hit my goal of 24 :) training is an interesting experience im suddenly not happy about the age change in which I feel that the 18 yr olds are not mature enough. granted im not mature and it would be funny that im saying that but my trainee doesn't respect any kind of authority in the way that he doesn't listen to me or the DL or the ZL really. we have some good times and he teaches when I want him to teach but he just doesn't want to work because he is pretty homesick and he doesn't know why he came on a mission and in general just not mature enough to understand the work. so I told him the only thing I want him to do is read the talk why we serve and figure out why he is out here because im not going to allow him to be disobedient and I don't want to argue with im because I want him to enjoy his mission. I just know that with a LOT of disobedience we will not baptize or help anyone in any way. so we are struggling to get him motivated but we just keep trying. we are exchanging up and sending the DL in to be with him for a day to see whats up and what he can do haha! but I love hima nd he will be a great missionary once he focuses. as for the missionary work its great and my old companion is back and a ZL so im glad to be around him again! im learning how to listen better and how to lay cement and drive a forklift :) im also getting better at basketball and we have started doing a lot of magic trick lessons that we relate to member missionary worka nd the ward is really heating up to help us! well I hope that gma is going to be alright! I love yall so much keep me posted! tell Ashley I said congrats!

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