Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jeremy transfered!! And now is a Zone Leader

Howdy! This has been a great week. First off before I forget, the password is a25824 or aaa25824 and the username should be xigaze, or just log on with my xbox if you can find it. So I've been transfered. Sunday was a pretty sad day for me I'll let ya know that. I had no idea the effect I had on the ward until I was leaving and man... It was one of the most intense moments of my life thus far. First off Matt and Mary's baptsim went very well. They were confirmed and we went to the visitors center for the Portland temple on sunday. It was an awesome day but it was very bitter sweet. When I found out saturday that I was leaving I was pretty upset, but hey its what it is. Elder Muir took over as DL and he's totally straigtened out and I was called to be a Zone Leader. It was cool to see his progression in the gosple. I know I'm scatter brained but I'm pretty tired right now haha its almost 9 and we are just gettin to Email so its been nuts. So back to church, they made me say the closing prayer and they sang God be with You Till We Meet Again. It was a moment I'll never forget. The outpouring of love from all the ward was intense. It was a very spiritual and tough day. Albany has totally changed my life, I look forward to the new calling and challenge though. I'll be serving in the Turner ward in Salem with Elder Raulston. He's been serving for almost 20 months, 'm pumped to learn from him. We have I think 10 new missionaries in the zone and some fixing to do so this is going to be an intense new deal up here. My area apparently is total boonies, so this will be awesome! I wish I could say more and send the pics I got but I forgot my camera... My B. But I wish I could say more but I'm outta time, I'll let ya know what's going on more next week or when I can next. Definitely pray for me haha. As for the food and stuff not much better. I'm stayin at about 170 but life is good still. I'm doin my best to stay on top of that though. Well I love ya and I'll let ya know more of whats goin on and send pictures. Love ya and please keep the recent converts in Albany in your prayers as well as Elder Muir as he takes over. Peace!

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