Monday, October 21, 2013

4 more baptisms in Wilton!

thats an awesome sports turn out :) i like it! yea golfing was fun! well its been a very eventful week! needless to say i now know how to fix sprinkler lines and sprinklers and drip lines :) it was a huge project with my favorite manly family! they are the kearsings! he is a swat sniper and elk grove plice and she is a firefighter! i love them! anyway i have really started to notice things out here on my mission. i have always had a hard tiem nopticing when i feel the spirit but now i have started to just notice when i dont have the spirit with me. i have really been focusing on how not to feel like that haha! i figure if i cant really notice when i feel the spirit ill just avoide not feeling it haha :) there are some things where i just get super mad or want to say a snide comment like my usual self and aggrivate people but when i do that i certainly feel different and not as helped haha! well all our baptismal interviews went well and we will have 4 baptisms 2 this weekend and 2 the next. as for baptism pics i need the ones i sent home, from my tongan baptism on. i sent them all home so i really really hope you saved it...... things are great here in wilton! elder black and i really get a long and we have fun while teaching! we are really focusing on stress, lots of our new aged missionaries are so stressed its crazy so i have really studied hwo to help others and hwo to help them from their stress and get them to focus on the purpose of a missionary. we have one in particular in my district that has just stopped going out and working for a couple days and i have been on exchanges and team ups with him and sat down and talk and it looks like he is doing better but i dunno how good i am at being serious with people, when your talking about personal stress and stuff you have to be serious and i try to be but its different haha. i love being a DL in wilton, i know i have to leave wilton probably next transfer but i dont want to. i have really grown attatched to this ward. i feel like i have family down here haha! i love you all and i wanted to say something else but i forgot :( anyway i love you all and your so great! i hope everything is going great and i hope to hear from jason soon he said he had a letter alst christmas and its coming up again and i still haev not heard from him :( love you bye!

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