Monday, October 14, 2013

Jeremy...Lone ZL AND trainer!!

Hey padre! So I've got some crazy news with a request. I need to send a box with a bunch of stuff home to you but it is going to cost a bit. It has white shirts that are to big and my suit that is to big along with Jason's bday present and a letter to Kevin. Also transfers are Monday and some crazy stuff is going down. So Elder Raulston is going to be transferred to the largest stake/zone in the mission. He's going to be training a brand new missionary on top of being a lone Zone Leader. I'm staying here and I'll be training a brand new missionary and I'll be a lone Zone Leader over the second largest zone in the mission. I'll tell ya, I was starting to feel better but the stress level is at a pretty solid high again hahaha I'm not even sure if I'm solid as a ZL now and I'll be alone and its my first time training on top of it.. This is going to be intense. I also just got my license and I'm driving now. With Raulston leaving I'm going to need to buy a GPS. I have the largest area in the zone and the largest geographical zone (next to bend) and I have no idea where things are yet..... If you have the ability to help me out I would appreciate it, if not I understand I've cost ya quite a bit. On top of this we set a family for date Christmas (our white christmas thing is really taking off...) Also if you feel like the vision could be helpful for the family ward show the WML there, I think its Dale Johnson. I could totally be wrong but I dunno. Its really been helpful to this Mission in giving all of us a combined goal to work towards. We also simplified the Missionary process and I'll send you a copy of that to show to Bro. Johnson. Regardless of all the hooplaa, things in this mission are crazy. Every Zone Leader is going to be solo and training because the President doesn't trust enough other missionaries to train a new group so we are all training and the other Zone Leaders that will be released will be training and DL's at the same time. I could use some extra prayer. I'm pretty nervous. I love you and hope you get this soon. I'll be trying to get a few things tonight. Also Ipods are allowed in the mission now so for my Bday if you could send that out for me with some hymns and motab on it I would appreciate that. if you have some good talks or some fun talks throw em on. NO classical or anything that is not MOTAB, EFY, or HYMNS. Love ya padre,

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