Monday, October 7, 2013

Jeremys Zones "White Christmas" vision goes viral to the whole region!!!!

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 10:52 AM, Jeremy Larsen wrote: Okay so a lot has happened this last week. I'll start off with what happened at our MLC. Elder Raulston and I have been working on the "White Christmas" vision for the last 3 weeks. This vision was supposed to help our Zone have something a bit shorter term to work towards. With this vision being in place we are already seeing miracles in our Zone. I'll talk more about those after. We presented our vision to President Samuelian at interviews on Tuesday and he loved it. The next day at MLC we were asked to present this to all of the ZL's and Sister Trainer Leaders. We talked about the many ways we received revelation from God through prayer and through his servants. The council then voted on weather we were going to implement this into the entire mission with our Zone being the torch bearer of the whole gig.Unanimously we decided a "White Christmas" was the Lords vision not only for our zone but for the entire mission. Elder Raulston and I then worked on a rough draft for what the vision of a White Christmas would look like for a stake and a ward group rather then missionaries. We presented it to our stake president and his council and they are taking the bull by the horns and running with it. Our mission president took the vision to Elder Hansen of the 70 and he is now backing it and talking to the stake presidents about this. So its not only a mission vision anymore, its the vision of the mission and each stake within the mission. By the beginning of November each stake and zone in the mission will be working towards a version of "White Christmas". Probably the coolest thing about all of this is that at General Conference Elder Ballard challenged everyone to invite someone to take the missionary discussions, by..... Christmas! We all agreed that this vision was the will of the Lord for this mission at MLC, but to hear Elder Ballard's invitation was a confirmation. Its been cool to see how sanctification has brought me and my companion, who had to go through the same stuff out here as I did, into line with the spirit of revelation. So Elder Raulston and I are continuing to head this vision for the Mission as a whole. President is putting President Wilder's name on the project for all the other Stake Presidents so that it has more pull then as if it came from Missionaries. That's chill in my eyes though, I had no idea this would go as far as it has. I'm just pumped to know that I'm operating in one way or another through the spirit. Another cool thing that happened this week was we set 2 dates. While Raulsty Jams as been here he has been trying to get into contact with this PM family and they never have been able to. She called us up the other day and we went over and set up a date for her to become active in the church and for her kids to be baptized.... Guess when? CHRISTMAS!! Gonna be so sick! This gal and her family are incredible, they have been struggling for the last few years with a lot of stuff, she just went through a divorce on top of everything else. Her ex was the one not letting her go to church though so she's happy that he is gone. Its gonna be fun working with them. Their names are the Iversons, pray for them when you can. If you could also pray for the Fraser family that would be greatly appreciated. They are another PM family that we are working closely with. They are thinking about baptism. On top of all of this, it was GC weekend.. All in all, one of the greatest weeks of the mish. My comp and I are rockin it, Life is gravy. I love all of you and am so glad that I have all of you to support me. I am doing my best "Rise Up", and I pray that all of are doing the best you can to rise as well! As for the trip to Tahiti, I'm pumped, do your thing with it and I'll just go along for the ride. I will probably lose to the Nephews at soccer when I see them... I've gotta see the sketch's kev does! I'm trying to get a letter out to him.. Well I love ya, I pray for all of you every day. One of my favorite things from this conference was probably from Bonnie Oscarson, I can't quote it but it was a big answer to my prayers. I have been wondering what my next step was now that I've taken steps to become truly converted and have become clean of my big baddies. I've compared it to how Peter and the other apostles felt after Christ died. Well we've retained a remission of our sins and our salvation has been worked out... lets go fishing.... I didn't want to be the one who decided to go fishing... What she said in essence was: once we have ourselves have come to the Atonement and become converted our role is to help others come to the Atonement so that they may have the opportunity to partake of its blessings. Its what I've been attempting to do over the last year but the way she said it really stuck out to me. Overcoming my past was a huge roadblock that I've been working on and now that I accomplished that I feel like I lost some motivation. I'd put so much time and energy into it, when I finished I felt accomplished but the lack of direction was a killer. It just made me think of Alexander the Great, he conquered quite a bit in his time; but no matter the accomplishment the only thing he desired was another challenge, something more to conquer. That's where I was at, then conference hahaha answered all my prayers and life is good. Well I'll actually end now. I love you all and thank you again for all your support.!! Elder Larsen Sr.

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