Monday, October 14, 2013

Zack gets investigators on the golf course!

well hey now i thought you said you were not moving till we got home :) i kinda gave up controlling the home thing i cant haha :) anyway that's awesome everyone is getting jobs and moving and stuff. where is kevin going off to? congrats to Amanda and everyone else! go kate in choir! she is going to make it big and give honor to our name :) she will be one of those Mormon messages that s like i was famous and everyone loved me and to everyones surprise iw en ton a mission instead of continuing my career :) i miss PF changes i also miss café rio they don't have it here! as for jobs and places to live ya its nice to have it all lined uop but ill make a choice when i get home and think about it here, that's all a part of goal setting right? we went golfing for 6 hours and counted it as proselyting. we went with some members our ward mission leader 3 non members and 2 lass active members and we set up appointments with all of them so thatwas exciting! i did ok at it too, we are making a golf course on our property because it inspired us to want to get better :) we are doing a lot of good stuff out here and i hope i never leave! we have 4 baptisms and we picked up 5 new investigators so we are working on finding them a house and teaching them :) we have some members that will prolly house our invs :) that's how wilton works they adopt and house all out investigators its nice :) thanks for the bag its great i love it and thanks for the sim card hope you like my pics that im sending :) we also set up party lights in our apartment and we party to the piano guys :) its great we like to have fun! i miss yall and Jeremy! i am stoked up our cruise to Tahiti maybe ill speak tongan with someone down there. :) if i can even speak it by then im trying to keep it but in English work its tough! oh also i need ALL my baptism pics sent to my via email except for my very first baptism. the mission wants them because i been lazy and not sending them in and they are mad at me and said leaders lead by example send your pics in :( bummer deal they can pull that card on me. anyway hope things are well! conference was great uchtdorfs talk at priesthood was amazing! and i loved hollands talk! i love conference anwya! your amazing love you bye!

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